Firm vs Plush when no other choice and buying online?

I live full time in an RV, and previously I had a custom mattress made (based on all my research here) from Mattress Makers in San Diego. I loved it, but I’ve bought a new RV and had to let that custom size one go.

I have to save up for a new custom sized one from MM, and I have to figure out how I’m getting it down to Mexico where I’m living now. So in the meantime, the bed in this new RV I bought is killing me. I’ve tried a bunch of the standard suggestions, putting various toppers on - but the foam core is just murder.

There is an RV mattress company that does a mattress with “acension pocketed coils”. I think it will work for a while, although I have to add a topper because the dang gel foam on top will murder me (female, mid 50’s - I am a mini super nova lol)

They have a choice of “plush” and “firm”. When buying over the internet, should I go firm - figuring I can soften with layers but can’t make too soft firm again?

I need to buy myself some time to save up to get the new mattress made, but can’t have this kind of body pain any longer with the existing nightmare in the bedroom.

On a scale of 1 to 10 they say their “plush” is a 5 and “firm” is an 8


Hey bghouse,

Welcome back to TMU :slight_smile: ! Nice to see you again and thanks for your question.

Living full time in an RV; that sounds exciting, bghouse :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your support of our trusted member program and for your previous custom mattress purchase from Mattress Makers. Sorry to hear that you had to leave the mattress behind with your new RV purchase, but hopefully your new custom sized one will be a good experience too.

I’m sorry to hear that your new mattress is causing you pain so soon. How long have you been in your new RV? Can you describe the mattress’s construction further? What size is it and what thickness? What does it consist of besides a foam core? Toppers can help add more to a mattress’s comfort feel, but they do not improve support issues, so further details will help us understand what could better remedy your situation.

Which RV mattress company are you working with and what mattress are you considering? I like your “mini super nova” description, bghouse; it pairs well with the persona of a Traveler’s life on the road :slight_smile: . Besides gender and age, we do need a little more to go on for better understanding what materials and layering would be better suited for your personal preferences. Could you speak more to your personal stats of height, weight, and preferred sleeping positions? Once we know more about you, your current mattress, and the mattress you are considering, the better we can walk you through your questions about layering possibilities. Looking forward to your updates when you have time and thanks.


Thanks for the reply.

I don’t know what this existing mattress is - it seems to be memory foam from the way it behaves, although it’s like memory foam and a cement truck had a baby :slight_smile:

I’m 5’4", 190 lbs (and falling) and a stomach sleeper that sleeps extremely hot. When I discovered Latex mattresses a decade ago I found my heaven.

I’ve been looking at Sleep On Latex, as the way they ship compressed is an option for getting the mattress back across the border to Mexico.

I bought a 1" soft topper from them on Amazon on Aug 10th, which was enough to allow me to sleep but not well - I’m still pretty achy in the morning.

I’m trying to decide if I put the 3" medium topper on this foam brick I have, or just buy the full mattress and lose this foam thing.

With only two choices I’d say go with firm for adult back and stomach sleepers, and plush for adult side sleepers.
Incidentally, if the mattress was for a child 100 lbs or less, I’d say plush no matter what side they sleep on.
In my experience when you’re adult it’s very easy to sink into and thru a plush latex layer and hit whatever material is below it. That’s especially true at the hip or butt area.

thank you!