First Time Mattress Buying Help

After sleeping on a mattress I got on sale from Sams Club almost 6 years ago with almost no research, its time to move on as its created two craters and is starting to cause me some lower back pain. Here is some basic info:

This mattress would be for me and my wife. We both have BMI’s over 30 and are combination sleepers (me on my side and back and her on her in every direction). Our current mattress is a queen size pillow top that we both loved the feel and firmness of, but as mentioned, the topper has given out and is providing no more support.

So far, I’ve done some research both on here, on other sites and video reviews as well as trying some mattresses in person with my wife. What I’ve found so far is that there is a lot out there and it seems like for every good review or video, there are 10 negative experiences. I thought maybe asking directly on the Forum would be more constructive.

Here is my current research findings:
After trying out a few mattresses in person we have some fairly simple dislikes. We don’t like a soft top mattress which makes sense for our BMI’s. On the same line we would like good edge support for getting in and out easier. We also tried some memory foam and hybrids with memory foam comfort layers and didn’t quite like the feel (specifically we tried a Nectar and a Sealy Hybrid). We definitely prefer a medium firm pillowtop-esque mattress. The only Hybrid mattress that we tried and liked was the Dreamcloud. It felt very similar to a pillow top, but as I understand it, the comfort layer is poly foam with some other foams underneath before the spring layer. We left the store thinking that we would order a Dreamcloud and be done, but after doing some more research online it seems like the customer experience has been great for some and the overall construction doesn’t look like it will hold up over time (From the durability post, for our BMI’s, its recommended that the comfort layer be 1.8lb polyfoam and no greater than 1" thick, but the dreamcloud is 1.5" at 1.5lb). So after tabling the Dreamcloud, I moved onto a Saatva mattress. It seems to be very similar to the Dreamcloud in firmness, but doesn’t have as many layers on foam. However, I can’t find a posting of the top layer specifications. The other down side being that I can’t try one out in a showroom near me.

I’ve also looked passingly at the Helix line of beds as well ad the Brooklyn Beddings selection, but can’t tell if they are closer to a memory foam hybrid in feel. We are also open to adjustable air beds like the air-pedic and sleep number, but need to try one out as well. I think I’m mostly looking for some guidance on what to filter out when it comes to online opinions and reviews of mattresses. It seems like every mattress has a large number a of bad user reviews along with glowing professional reviews that makes it hard to judge objectively which one is right for us. I think just having some peace of mind that any of the listed mattress I’ve mentioned will provide us with comfortable sleep for a reasonable amount of time would be more than enough for me to pick one and order it

Hi TombslashZX,

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While hearing others opinions can be useful, we always caution people to stay away from reviews when looking to purchase a mattress. People often review mattresses far too early after receiving them, and reviews lack specific information about all the variables that can contribute to the suitability of a mattress (like details about the person and the mattress) that would make them more meaningful/accurate. We also suggest reading about the dangers of making a purchase based on reviews here.

Also (and you’ll see me say this to just about everyone) it is important to have a detailed conversation with whomever you choose to purchase from and provide them with your stats, body type, sleeping styles, general preferences and history, some general information about your current mattress, or what you have tested, and any other specific information or circumstances that could affect your choice of a mattress so they can help you choose which may be your best fit from their inventory.

I believe Helix has both hybrid feel and quilted-top feel options. Is there one you were looking at in particular?


I took their quiz and it recommended the Midnight model. The Luxe version seems to offer that pillow top option, but its a little too far outside my price range and the standard appears to have more of a standard memory foam type feel on the top. There is actually a place near by that I could try out the Luxe version and I may end up doing so, but the pillow top in general still worries me about longevity considering my current pillow top developed those ruts.

My current front runner is the Kirklands Signature Stearns & Foster mattress. It seems to offer the feel I’m looking for, but the main peace of mind in knowing that the Costco return policy will be hassle free.

I do appreciate the sentiments regarding reviews though. Having strictly performance-based and construction information on each mattress and using it to fit our body and sleep types is a better metric for finding something that will work than trusting that others have put the same amount of effort in before writing a review. I think the only useful information I’ve received out of them is regarding customer service and general quality issues.

Hi again!

I hope you’re able to try it out and get some in-person data points. I agree with your concern with the durability of the materials in the top layer.

Peace of mind is invaluable! And, honestly, so is a solid return policy.