Flexible latex mattress on a folding frame?

Hello, I’m planning on getting a foam mattress— most likely the Ultimate Dreams Latex— and I was wondering how it would do on a frame that folds longwise? I haven’t bought the frame yet since originally I plan to rest it on the floor.

This is just all hypothetical. I just want to know if this would sound like a good idea. I plan to use the bed for sleeping at night and potentially as a couch for others to sit on during the day. The fold would be around 70-80° away from the floor.

I know that the support layer consists of a moderately stiff HR foam and the comfort layer is a relatively soft Talalay latex. I think the primary concern in this case would be durability.

Hi falldown,

I would talk with Dreamfoam and find out what they think about the use you are considering. It would be fine on an adjustable bed which folded the other direction but folding it width wise like a futon at a steeper angle on a regular basis may not work as well or may need a thinner mattress to conform well or be stable as a couch. It may also present durability issues for the polyfoam as well.

They would give you better advice for this though than I would.

If you talk with them or email them about this it would be great to let us know what they say.


For this to work right you really need an all latex mattress, the HR foam will not allow it to bend very easily unless you can tie the cover to the frame somehow to force it to fold.