Flexus Comfort Layering help

First of all, THANK YOU for all the information provided on this site. I’ve learned so much!! I can’t thank you enough for all the contributions made here =)

5’4/115lbs/back sleeper…but will be pregnant in the next 2-3 years/currently have back pain

“Lighter weights will need softer and thinner comfort layers”
“Flatter profiles will need thinner and firmer comfort layers”
(How do I know if I have a flat profile??)

Because I am considered a light weight, is it okay to have a soft 3" Talalay (T)/soft 3" Dunlop (D)/ medium Dunlop (D) configuration? I am under the impression that I would need a medium firm mattress to support my back pain… Is it okay to just have medium Dunlop as a base and NOT have firm Dunlop for the bottom layer?

I went to Flexus today and all the firm bases I tried (5 different configurations of T & D) were too firm when I laid on my side. I didn’t feel the cradle on my side–it was too firm–until I had the medium Dunlop as my bottom layer.

Also, one of their default models was the 10" – 3" soft T/ 6" block (NOT 3"+3") Dunlop felt like it cradle my side more than soft T/medium T/medium T? I know in theory that the latter should feel softer, but it didn’t to me… Is it just me? Can someone please explain/confirm this? The
3" soft T/ 6" block Dunlop surprisingly felt more comfortable to me…

Is it better to have a 6" block of medium Dunlop as support core with 3" soft Talalay comfort foam or 3"+3" Dunlop as support core with 3" soft Talalay comfort foam? I know the latter would feel softer and I just wanted your opinion if this is just based on preferences only?

Thank you for your knowledge and advice.

Hi Nami,
As always it depends on the ILD’s in each layer. It is my opinion that a firm Dunlop 3" bottom and a 3" medium Dunlop in the middle along with a 3" Talalay latex top, you’ll have the soft feel you’re looking for and the flexibility to modify one of the layers in the future. That’s assuming the external cover is zippered. For someone of your weight, you might consider a 24 ILD Talalay top layer. Soft enough for your weight and you won’t go through it when pregnant. If you need something firmer during pregnancy you could always add a topper and then remove it afterwords.