Flexus showroom hours

Anyone on Los Angeles region planning on seeing beds at Flexus in Covina should not assume the showroom will be accessible according to their posted hours of operation.

I called first (intuition) and the recorded message stated that if they didn’t answer it meant they were helping other customers; I left a message but rechecked hours. Since traffic becomes increasingly impossible as the day goes on, i made the often gnarly trek only to find a locked business. I did manage to find a worker around back who called the proprietor and he quoted a wait of a couple of hours. I couldn’t waste any more time :frowning:

So, if you want to see their products, may I suggest that an actual appointment would be a better way to go than going by their published hours.

Hi janvee,

Thanks for the heads up … and the good advice.

I usually suggest calling any retailer or manufacturer before you visit them as a matter of course just to get a better sense of their knowledge, experience, and transparency and what you can expect when you go there (and of course in the case of smaller manufacturers confirming their showroom hours or availability as well because they often are a smaller operation with few employees :))