Flippable Latex Mattresses

As an alternative to a one sided latex mattress purchase, the local retailer has offered to create a custom-built flippable by wrapping the organic cotton cover around both sides. The mattress I’m considering consists of two, 6 inch talalay layers with ILD’s of 38 core base and 28 top. Would creating a flippable extend the life of this mattress and is this recommended?

Hi pbambei,

You can read a little more about the benefits of a two sided mattress in post #3 here and the posts it links to.

In the case of this mattress though it would effectively be one sided because the benefits and extended life of a two sided mattress would depend on regularly flipping it and the mattress you are describing doesn’t have the same design on both sides so you would most likely find that one side is much more suitable and comfortable for sleeping on than the other and never flip it.