Flo Vzone

For those who may be interested in a Flo Vzone bed i thought i would write several posts as i go through the set-up and trial period. The bed arrived yesterday as promised by Flo and came packaged in four separate boxes from UPS. We ordered a king size and my wife and i were able to unpack and put it together in about 30 minutes. Instruction and layout are straight forward, everything is labeled clearly. At first we didnt think it will all fit inside the cover but with a little bit of pushing and pulling it fits perfectly without much difficulty.

We noticed only a slight odor upon assembly but once inside the cover it seems to be gone, i certainly don’t anticipate any issues with this. We had a latex topper over a standard spring mattress and never found any odor issues with it either.

My side was set up with extra firm-super firm-super firm and my wife with firm-medium-medium based on Flo’s recommendations. Im 300 and she is 145. I was concerned that my side would be too firm and i would lose the soft latex feel that I found so comfortable when we tested the Pure Latex Bliss prestige beds. Initial impressions for comfort is that it feels great, soft but still supportive. My wife’s impressions are also the same. Since we only slept on the bed once i dont have much comment on the support issue and whether our specific firmness “settings” are correct, but for the first night i was able to sleep on my back and my wife spent less time tossing and turning.

The pillows that come with the purchase must weight 30lbs each! They are stuffed so full we could barely get them in King pillowcases. Good thing is you can remove the latex inside to tweak them to your liking, juts make sure to do it outside or in a place you can easily clean up as it can be quite messy to remove.

more to come as we get a couple of weeks sleeping under our belts.

peter :cheer:

Hi peteza,

Thanks for taking the time to share your initial feedback about your Flobeds vZone … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to any updates you have the chance to share about the configuration that works best for you.


Thanks for your post Peteza! I’ve just, at last, after many months of indecision and false starts, taken the big step and ordered a flobed mattress too. Ours is not a vzone so it will be interesting to compare experiences.