Flobeds questions

A few quick questions-

  1. Do they sell “seconds”? Particularly mattresses?

  2. Have you heard of them selling their vZone layer separately?

  3. Do the zone options seem to be more of a benefit or burden (overall impression from reading people’s experiences in the forums)?

Hi Bazinga,

Your question has good timing because they are they are currently selling some seconds listed here.

Not to my knowledge no but you could certainly ask them to find out for certain.

You can see some thoughts about their vZone in post #4 here but because their zones can be customized to suit the shape and weight distribution of the individual person they would certainly more beneficial because if a particular zoning combination isn’t suitable for someone it can be changed to one that is.


Thank you for the quick reply. I am confused by their “seconds”, however. I don’t see a place to input a code when viewing my cart, so cannot figure out what the prices are. Am I overlooking something ?

Hi Bazinga,

I don’t see a place to input a code in the initial checkout screen either but I’m guessing that it’s one of the screens that show up in the checkout process.

You would probably need to call them to find out where it is.