flobeds shredded topper vs lanoodle?

Hello all- I’ve read the review here comparing the lanoodle topper to the 7 comforts, but I haven’t seen anyone post feedback on the flobeds shredded topper. I’m considering getting this one in a long twin size to go on my wife’s half of our king bed- I’m happy with our firm mattress but she says it’s like sleeping on rocks and wants “as soft as possible”.

If anyone who has this topper, or who can offer comparisons between that one and the cozypure version, could write up their thoughts, I’d really appreciate it.

Hi Gabriel,

I know that Levander purchased one here and has been active on the forum recently so you may want to ask how they liked it because I don’t recall any comments about it (although I doubt that they purchased both so a comparison may not be possible).