Flobeds student mattress

I’m searching for a mattress for my 4 year old. One of the mattresses that looked interesting is the Flobeds Student mattress. I was hoping somebody on the forum might have experience with this mattress. If not, your opinions are certainly welcome. Below are the mattresses I’m considering. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!


Flobeds Student $667
Sleep EZ Special 6" $595
Sleep EZ Special 8" $725
Sleep EZ 7000 $712
*Prices include tax, shipping and discounts


While I don’t have specific experience with this mattress … it is similar to many other mattresses in terms of layering and materials, uses good quality materials, and at their sale prices are also good value.

You are also looking at some other excellent options from SleepEz as well and all of these have good value.

If you are looking for more options yet … post #2 here links to most of the better posts and threads about mattresses and children which link to some other good options as well. You won’t really need more than 6" of latex. When children reach puberty and begin to grow and develop, a 6" latex mattress would be a good base for a topper.

The “best” place to be when you are making final choices is choosing between “all good options” and when the toughest part is eliminating good choices rather than finding them in the first place :slight_smile:

You have some very good options (along with others in the threads I linked) and any of them could make a great choice.