My wife and I bought a split king Flobeds Vzone bed after researching different types of beds to replace a 12 year old sleep number bed.

After talking to Dewey, the son of the owner, we selected a bed for my wife (5’2" - 105 lbs) which has a lower level of firm, a middle layer of medium and her vzone is a “medium” and we selected for me (5’11" - 165 lbs) which has a lower level of xfirm, a middle layer of firm, and a vzone that is “firm”. After sleeping on the mattress for two (2) weeks, we were both having some lower back pain with hers worse than mine.

We firmed up her lumbar in the Vzone with the knee section (switching a firm for a medium) and her hips with a medium from the feet section for the soft in the hip section. Her back pain is gone.

I originally tried doing a similar swap for mine,xfirm for a firm in the lumbar and firm for a medium in the hips. The firm in the hips put my spine out of alignment with my hips in the air and thus generated more back pain. I put the medium back under my hips and the last two (2) nights have been good sleep with no pain on waking up.

It is good to be able to adjust the Vzone sections to customize for your body and the Flobed appears to have been a good choice for us. It is good to be able to “customize” the bed for the various sections of the body.

Hi Centex,

Thanks again for the feedback and for sharing the details of your zoning adjustments … I appreciate it :).

Your post is also great example of how a suitable zoning system can be very helpful and one that isn’t suitable for a particular person can be detrimental … and of course the ability to customize the Flobeds zoning scheme so that it’s suitable for the person sleeping on it (and of course their knowledge and ability to help you) is a big part of the “value” of the mattress.