Floor model purchase

Is there a disadvantage to buying a pure latex bliss floor model?

Floor models are specifically excluded from the PLB warranty under the “Limitations and Exceptions” section HERE. That could definitely be a disadvantage.

Hi lupo,

Other than the esthetics of purchasing a floor model that others have used and the “price tradeoff” this involves … I would say “ditto” to what Anton Chigurh mentioned.

While a warranty is not the most important part or even a primary part of a mattress’ value (the quality of materials is more important and gives better assurance of longer useful life than a longer warranty IMO) … the warranty does protect against the types of genuine manufacturing defects that can become apparent in the early life of a mattress (that are truly manufacturing defects rather than the loss of comfort or support connected to foam softening or fibers compressing over time which isn’t covered by warranties).