Foam bed recommendation and review

I have been reading a lot of threads about latex and foam mattresses. Maybe people here can steer me in the right direction. Currently sleeping on a 12 year old springair pillow top mattress. It looks like a car got stuck in the mud leaving two ruts. The wife and I want to get away from a coil spring and go to the foam side. I have read some of the recommendations about no more then 1.5" of foam in the comfort layers.

We are both large adults. I am 6’2" 250 and she is 5’10" 190.
We were looking at a G4 iMattress, but i read here that a better quality mattress can be had for the same money. My budget is $2000 but will go higher for the right bed. Can you list the better spec to look for or even a mattress brand that has the better quality materials. I am in Bellingham WA 98225 which is about 80 miles north of Seattle. We are willing to drive to Seattle to purchase a mattress.

Hi mcdonald77,

Yes … as you can see from the steps listed here and the information it links to … I would avoid most if not all of the major brands and i would certainly avoid any mattress where you are not provided with the details of all the layers and components of the mattress. This is the only way to know the quality or value of a mattress you are considering.

The next step would be to decide between which type of foam you are looking for. This would be a preference choice between latex, memory foam, or polyfoam based on your testing. The G4 is an example of memory foam. Polyfoam is the lowest cost but it cvan be the weak link in a mattress when lower density versions are used in the comfort layers … particularly with higher weights. Even with memory foam or latex … it’s important to make sure that the foam used in the upper layers of the mattress is good quality and durable. Density is the way to know the quality and durability of memory foam (just like polyfoam) and the type and blend of latex will determine its durability. It’s always easier to connect with the “experts” (usually smaller factory direct manufacturers or better sleep shops) in your area that already know all of this, are open and transparent about what is in the mattresses they sell, and can give you good guidance to help you chose the mattress that is most suitable for your height, weight, sleeping positions, preferences, and budget than it is to try and become the expert yourself which can be time consuming and frustrating.

The suggestion about having no more than around an inch or so of “foam” in the upper layers of the mattress refers to lower quality polyfoam or memory foam not “foam” itself because there are many types of foam (again mainly polyfoam, memory foam, and latex foam) and some are very high quality and some are much lower quality.

A mattress is only as good as its construction and the materials that are in it so I don’t recommend brands because the brand label is not important … only the materials that are in your mattress can tell you its quality and durability regardless of who makes it. All the manufacturers have access to the same or similar materials.

Some of the better options in the Seattle area are listed in post #2 here and the next step is to make a few calls and decide who you are most comfortable working with and carries mattresses of the type you are interested in testing and then paying them a visit.


Went down to the Seattle Mattress Company today. The wife and I were there for about 3 hours laying on beds and talking to the manager Steve. He was very up front and personal. After laying on some inner spring mattresses We decided on a latex or foam style. Seattle mattress Co has a few foam beds

I tried them all and layed on the highlands the most. It was very supportive but I did not like the softer topper. After conversing a lot and laying on more beds I think we have found the mattress for us. Below are the specs.

Blue Essence
Our Blue Essence 11" mattress includes an additional layer of high support memory foam;
•2" layer of Eco-based Gel Memory Foam
•2"-5# Hi Support Memory Foam
•1" Latex Enhanced Support Layer
•6"-1.8 High Density Foam

Suggested Retail Price:

I like the GEL top because after laying on it for about 45 minutes, it stayed relatively cooler unlike the bed I have now. Please take a look at the specs and give your opinion. I also purchased a few pillows and was able to get free deliver. I live about 1 1/2 hours north of Seattle.

Hi mcdonald77,

I like the specs and materials that are used in the Therapedic gel memory foam lineup and there are no obvious weak links in the mattress.

The prices on the Therapedic website though that you listed are much higher than “real world” pricing. As a reference … one of the people that I respect a lot … Jeff Scheuer … carries the Therapedic line in his bricks and mortar store at very good prices and you can see the Blue Essence here as a “value reference” (and he is also a member of this site and provides a 5% discount to the forum members here).

This could be a good quality choice but the prices you listed are too high to be what i would consider good value.


I havent purchased it yet. I am supposed to call and pay for it friday. There price was $2499.00. Still seems a bit high though. I know delivery would be close to $200 if I paid for it, so that is still 2300 for the mattress.

Hi mcdonald77,

At the very least I would show them the site I linked to and see how close they can come to matching it.


I was doing some more price research today on the blue essence mattress. I called another store in Tacoma WA and asked about the eco gel beds. The person on the phone changed tone as soon as a mentioned gel and said it was just a gimmick and in tests the gel was actually hotter then memory phone. I dont recall the name but I think they only sell organic latex and such. It was weird how concerned they sounded.

Hi mcdonald77,

My “standard” reply to these kind of “blanket” comments would be something like … thanks for telling me … is there a link to the tests you are referring to that I can read them for myself or could you send me a copy?

While there may be some substance to the fact that the claims about gel foams are exaggerated … there is also some truth to them as well. Even memory foam itself comes in a very wide range or more or less breathable versions and warmer and cooler versions so I wonder which one these were being used as the reference point for comparison in any testing they were referring to … or if they even thought about this in their comments to you.



Here is the damage,

$2199.99 blue essence king size mattress
$250.00 box spring
$75.00 mattress cover

$2764 delivered with tax, does not include the two pillows I bought.

I called to pay and talked to the manager Steve. He was not flexible with the price. I am about 90 or more miles away from the store and they are delivering it and taking away the old one included in the price. I also found it online for $2300 shipped at I am not really upset about the price because it was one of the best buying experiences I have had. I thought about getting a small uhaul and getting it myself and when you factor in gas, time and anything else involved I think its ok. I like to haggle but I usually have cash and when I leave, I am most likely not welcome back.

Another thing is I was not pressured in to buying it and could have bought elsewhere. Ill have the mattress in a few weeks and update my thread with a review of the mattress.

I think the price was steep seeing that other stores had it anywhere from 1450 to 2999. Problem was none are close and I dont want to deal with deilvery of a mattress by a shipper, getting rid of the old, then having to deal long distance with any issues I might have. So in closing if you want a good buying experience with a knowledgeable person go to the seattle mattress company and talk to Steve. I think a cheaper deal is possible then the one I got, but I think I am paying for time and convience on my side.

Hi mcdonald77,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think the most important part of your experience was that you make a good quality purchase that fit your needs and preferences and your personal “value equation” and in the end that’s what really matters.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve had the chance to sleep on the mattress.

I also agree with you about Steve at Seattle Mattress. I have talked with him on several occasions and always found him to be knowledgeable and helpful.


Got our mattress this morning. It does have a slight odor but it dosent seem to bother either one of us. We are going to let it air ouit and pick up some new sheets today. The firmness is nice and it supports all the right places. I will update with actual comfort soon.

Hi mcdonald77,

Thanks for the pictures :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your sleep update.


Update: We have been sleeping in the bed since Wednesday. The mattress feels very firm if you run your hand across it with little weight. Once you push down you feel how soft it is. It has plenty of suppport. I can sleep on my side with out my hip hurting on the side not on the mattress. I am sleeping better and one thng I noticed is in the last couple of years I get up at least once a night to use the bathroom. I have not waken up during the night and don’t feel like I have to run to the bathroom when I wake up in the morning. I dont know if my old mattress was so sunk in it was bothering my bladder but I am sleeping more sound and feel rested in the morning.

I will update again in about a month.

Hi mcdonald77,

Thanks for the ongoing updates. It’s great to see you’re sleeping better and it seems to me that you made a good choice that “matches” your needs and preferences :slight_smile:


Came back to update. The bed is still as comfortable now as when we got it. Does not have any depressions in the sleeping spots. Very happy with the purchase.

Hi mcdonald77,

Thanks for taking the time to come back and share your update 9 months later. It’s not as common to see updates past an initial purchase and I appreciate it :slight_smile: