Foam Factory

Greetings. I’m still considering putting together A mattress that is only about six or 7 inches tall due to my needs. I recently came across what has been deemed a 100% natural talalay core at for an amazing price of only $500. With a nice cover it with only bring me to about $650, far less then anywhere on the Internet that I’ve found for a tcomparable mattress. The prices for their 100% natural latex Toppers also are far less than anywhere else I’ve seen on the Internet. Do you have any knowledge of this company and of their claims? It seems almost too good to be true, and you know how that goes. Thank you once again for your attention.

Have you looked into Spindle mattress???

I agree, check out Spindle. Be careful with FBM, I had an “ok” transaction with them, but others haven’t, especially with latex. See this post and the posts linked in it.

Thank you for the input and the links to the information about FBM. It’s really a shame that people have to operate in a not so honest way, if that is the case with this low-cost provider. Like I said earlier, often times when something sounds too good to be true, It often is.

I did check out spindle, And they are on my radar right now. Thanks again.

I would look into or matresses247. They both have very competitive pricing. Sleep on latex has cores in the $500 range. Also ktt enterprises has good component pricing.