Foam matress smell dangerous?


2 months ago I bought this full foam mattress:

The foam smell initially was quite strong but became less after a couple of days. But anyway it never disappear completely. I have to sleep with open window all the time. If the window is closed in the morning you can smell the strong foam smell all over the room.
Is this kind of off-gassing normal? Do you think it is poisonous in a long term? Should I return the mattress or there is a way to reduce the smell?

Hi monki.

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It looks like the majority of the mattress is soy biofoam which in an of itself is primarily polyurethane, hence the strong odor. Are there any labels that mention certifications for this mattress such as CERTIPUR, OEKO-TEX, Greenguard, etc?

Generally, you are exposed to relatively low levels of VOCs while your mattress is off-gassing, and studies have yet to show whether exposure to low levels of VOCs during mattress off-gassing will cause increased health effects over time. Some people who are particularly sensitive may experience breathing troubles, headache, eczema, etc.

Running a fan and leaving the window open when you are not in the room should help to speed up this off gassing. Adding a cover can also help, but when you remove the cover you may smell the gasses again (but less and less over time). An air purifier can also help.

It is somewhat alarming that the smell is still so strong after 2 months. I will be interested to hear back with regards to the mattress certifications.


Yes, it is soy foam. I found only one label:
made by Reg No: 23D4995
content: Polyurethane Foam. Polyester fibres.
Warranty Code 3

If I believe their dreamstar website it is CERTIPUR:

Hi monki.

It looks like they also have a GOLS certification. It’s possible you’re more sensitive to the smell than most people. But the certifications are promising and you can rest assured that they meet a high standard in terms of VOCs.