Foam mattress warranty

Am I correct in my understanding that the industry standard warranty for body impressions is 3/4" for foam mattresses?

Is there a database or list somewhere that compares these?

A little light came on in my head last night thinking about my Sealy mattress warranty. It seems that sealy has their 1.5" impression spec that they use for their innerspring mattresses and is applying this to their latex line as well. To me this is just wrong.

Also is Sealy’s 1.5" spec close to industry std for an inner spring or is it a bit excesive?

I think 3/4 is very generous. 1.5 is the norm. But the mattress is lost long before eye can see. And how in hell can someone make a 1.5" impression out of a 3" topper?!

So like Phoenix pointed out, go for quality, not warranty.

I’m not shopping for warranty, I’m looking to stuff a Sealy Beachside up…

My point is the 1.5" spec is ridiculous and I know most latex like Bliss and Sleepez use 3/4 " spec. Not sure what Restonic uses for their latex. Sealy uses the same spec for the latex and I’d like to have something to argue with sealy if I don’t make 1.5" and IF they ever show up to check it out.

I think in the end I’ll just end up BBB’ing the dealer and doing a report on goodbed etc.

Hi TD-Max,

It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the foam. The “standard” is usually 1.5" but some better quality foam mattresses (where the manufacturer has some confidence that permanent unweighted impressions are unlikely to be deeper) are .75". The biggest issue though is not the impression as much as foam softening which leaves little permanent unweighted impressions. Mattresses that use fiber on top or lower quality foams will often be even more than 1.5".

Not that I’m aware of no

It’s fairly standard … and some have more. It will depend on the materials in the upper layers and the likelihood they will impress.

I doubt you will ever win an argument with Sealy without a retailer going to bat for you and even then it’s not so likely. Manufacturers that use latex in the top of their mattress (without any polyfoam or fiber on top of it) will often have .75" but if there is polyfoam or fiber over the latex then it will usually be more.

As “whoever” mentioned though … I pay more attention to the material than the warranty because foam softening is the real issue in practical “real world” terms rather than permanent unweighted impressions.


Well my dealer is jerking me around now. Not quite sure how I’ll respond, but I’m leaning towards “vindictive SOB mode” as I don’t care to take no crap from anyone. We’re not in big city populations where this stuff gets lost in the roar, we’re talking Mall Furniture Marshfield WI Unfortunately they don’t appear to be a member of the Marshfield BBB but I’ll be looking to lodge a complaint there anyhow.

I’ll have my Sleepez bed here next week, I just want them to eat this Sealy Beachside as it’s a completely unsupportive pile of junk at this point…