foam shipping rates

so out of curiosity i estimated the dimensions of a 5" queen size piece of foam rolled up, then i plugged those dimensions into UPS shipping calculator and it came back with about $300 for ground shipping !

then i estimated the same for a 3" queen size foam and this time it was about $120, because i didnā€™t go over the ā€œlarge packageā€ surcharge.

however a 3" rolled up according to my estimates is already PUSHING that 130 inches ( L + 2W + 2D ) limit for ā€œlarge packageā€ surcharge.

which makes me wonder - do they vacuum seal when they ship ? if they do then my calculations are meaningless.

i once ordered a 3" x 36" x 82" piece of foam and i donā€™t think it was vacuum sealed ( long time ago ) - i think they tried to manually compress it by just using tape or something.

what kind of shipping costs can i expect for for example a 5.5" talalay in queen size ?

hi g1981c, has a shipping calculator for UPS ground that you can use by adding any of their products to their cart (including a talalay queen core).

Many of the manufacturers use compression with their shipping to one degree or another. Some more than others.