Wondering if you know anything about the quality of foam sold by Foam and More in Clawson, MI

Hi smmimp14,

I’ve had a few conversations with Foam “N More (aka FoamForYou) previously. See post #5 here, and you can also perform a forum search on FoamForYou (just click on the link) for more information about them.

Like any foam purchase, you’ll want to confirm the density, ILFD and compression modulus of any foam you’re considering. You’ll also want to learn of the source of the foam (domestic or import), and if it has been compressed for longer periods of time. Also, if it is polyfoam, is it CertiPUR-US certified? Just because a business is on the CertiPUR-US list doesn’t mean that everything they sell is indeed CertiPUR-US certified. And of course any potential return/exchange policies.