Has anyone bought from

[Edit: I now have bought from them. Can’t recommend them. I discuss it further down in another post in this topic]

Hi Daniel,

I haven’t purchased from them but I have talked with them and I found them to be knowledgeable and helpful on the phone. They also are one of the few that carry a selection of high quality polyfoam in lower ILD’s.

They also carried all the Latex International Talalay ILD’s


Great, thank you. That helps me feel even more positive about possibly ordering from them. I’ve asked a number of questions via email, and have come to a generally positive sense about them.

They could use a better product description page on their site. The site only offers “latex” foam, but not until I inquired did I learn they have talalay (blended mix), talalay natural, latex duralux and organic latex.

If ordering latex foam from them, talalay (blended mix) is the default, but any of the other choices may be requested in a follow up email after placing an order. Their other latex options cost 20% more than the talalay blend.

Their talalay (blend) is avaliable in an ild #17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 36, and 40. The
talalay natural is avaliable in ild #15, 17, 21, 22, 26, 28, 29, 33, and

They didn’t volunteer any other info about the different varieties of latex they have. I expect they would offer more info if asked, but I’m likely going to forego latex for now for the less expensive HR.

Aloha Daniel,

How did your order with work out?
I’m thinking of ordering from them also.



Not sure if you’re still looking to order from foamonline (I’ve been away from this forum for awhile). If you are, it wasn’t the best experience, but that is because they had incorrect ILD’s shown on their site, so I ordered one ILD and received another. If you contact them to confirm which level of softness/firmness refers to which ILD, then you may be okay. In the end, they offered to give me 50% off another order, but that didn’t leave me too pleased since their own misinformation was key to my incorrect order. So, if you contact them and get the order right despite their incorrect info online, I expect you would have a good experience. I don’t trust their customer service though.

They did say they would change their ILD’s shown on the site to the correct one’s, but I just looked, and they did add a chart. However, they did not correct the ILD number shown when you click on the “Click here to check price” link. The new chart is available in a link directly above this “Click here to check price” link.

Hi DanielH,

Thanks for the feedback here and in your other post about your experience with foamonline.

I added some comments in your other post today and I hope they do the right thing and exchange your layer without cost since it seems that the mistake was theirs.


I ordered “HR” foam from and in less than a years time it has broken down and I have since discovered by weighing it that it has less density than they stated. There is an impression in both our sides of the mattress. A distinct concave curve in the hip area, which is also very much softer by feel than other areas of the mattress. The edges of the mattress still resist being pressed down on, while the hip area now gives way with very little resistance when being pressed on.The curve is especially noticeable in the minutes after awaking, but even at the end of the day when the bed went unlaid on, I checked, and there is still a perceptible curve and broken-down-softness. I measured and weighed my wife’s 2" layer. It is 75x27x2, and weighs 5 lb, 12 oz, which I calculated as follows:

75x27x2 = 4050
4050/1728 = 2.344
5.75 lbs. / 2.344 = 2.45 lbs per sq ft

So long as my measurements are correct (I triple checked), Phoenix confirms my calculations are correct, confirming this is not the 3lb density claims. In the end, I don’t care about the density just the performance, but it has failed to perform or have as long a life as stated. They claim a 12 year life, but for us it broke down in less than one year.

I have left two messages with in this last week, and while in the past they have responded in about a days time to my inquiries about my orders, they have given no response to my inquiry about the foam density and breakdown. They ignored my follow up message informing them I’d file complaints with the BBB and with the California Department of Consumer Affairs, as well as attempt a chargeback if possible. In my initial request to initiate a chargeback I was told the orders were placed too far back in time, but I will pursue this further to see if it is still possible. If only I had weighed the foam on receiving it. Too bad I trusted them to actually send me the product they described.

Conclusion: I can not more strongly recommend against purchasing from (aka Upholstery Decor Inc.).

On 4/17/12 A order was received for two pieces of High Resilience foam 3"x27"x74" soft and 4"x27"74" medium firm. 4/22/12 email was received foam is cut short. Response: Foam will expand. 5/24/12 Received email. Foam did expand but is too soft. Response:Order a firmer piece will extend a 50% discount. 1/30/13. Received email: Is the 50% discount extended for a High Resilience foam piece 6"x54"x74" firm. Response: Will extend a 20% discount. 2/5/13 Received email: The weight of the High Resilience foam received in April 2012 is incorrect. Response: Using the weight from the UPS ship tag concludes weight is correct. goes beyond any other companies efforts to satisfy each and every customer. The customer is the foundation of the 53 years of Upholstery Decor Inc. success. We would accept the foam should it be shipped to us for weight assessment and if it is found that we and UPS are incorrect in weight assessment, we will take full responsibility to replace the defective foam and any related shipping cost.