Folded latex layer and it split

I recently did a layer exchange and was storing the extra layer in the plastic it was shipped in folded in half. I went to switch the layers agin yesterday and noticed that the piece of 28ild latex completely split down te middle where it was folded. It didn’t go all the way through, but split/tore almost the whole width along the holes in the latex and went almost all the way through to the other side. It didn’t split for the last three inches on both edges. Is this normal? I didn’t think having it folded in half with no weight on top of it would cause this to happen. What are your thoughts? Not sure what to do as I was supposed to send this layer back to get a credit, but now being ripped I’m not sure if that’s still an option. I have not contacted BB yet as this just happened yesterday, and I wanted to get your opinion before contacting them.
Thank you

Hi smeagol108,

No … this sounds to me like a defective layer (“splitting” when a layer is folded in half is a manufacturing defect that happens on occasion with some LI layers).


thank you so much. I have been kicking myself all night as to why this happened thinking I was to fault for storing it folded in the plastic in my spare bedroom on a twin bed. I didnt think it should have happened, but wanted to ask the experts. I will be calling BB today to see what we can work out.
thanks again!