Forum security, Spam posts, and New posters.

Hello All,

Like any forum we have been getting our fair share of spammers who while not directly harmful, can create a lot of work removing posts, can be quit annoying, and for a while (until they are deleted) can clutter up the forum.

I always like a more open forum with as few barriers to posting as possible but as the forum grows and becomes more popular then inevitably the spammers “contributions” grow as well.

There are quite a few solutions to this … some better than others … but with the current spam bots that are out there many of the filters can be bypassed. They tend to register with throwaway emails and multiple IP’s so banning or deleting them (as I do each time) has little effect because they typically use a new registration and email for each post. On most days there are well over 100 spammers who register as members. Some days I have had over 60 spam posts to remove.

I wanted to post this because there are a couple of things that can help a great deal that I have decided to implement. The first of these is that each new member will receive a confirmation email where they need to confirm their registration.

The second is that the first post for every new member will have a re-captcha field where you will need to enter two words before you post. After you have made your first post this will no longer appear.

These two filters should help reduce the number of spammers who are able to both register and post to the forum and make it a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.


Hello All,

The ReCaptcha I’ve added to the first post of new users (typing in two words) should not only should make a difference in preventing spam but also helps Google to digitize scanned copies of various books (which I have made good use of in my mattress and materials research).

Hopefully this will make a significant difference in the ongoing battle against spammers at the very low “cost” of some inconvenience with new users’ first post.


ADDED @ 6:03 PM: It appears to be working. A new spam bot which has posted many dozens of spam posts on the forum registered a few minutes after I added ReCaptcha. I waited without logging it out (which I usually do when I see them) and tried to make a post for about 15 minutes (it usually takes a few seconds to post once it’s registered) before giving up :). So far so good.

Very nice site.
need recommendations for a full mattress for 16 yr old athletic kid? is there anything to stay away from?
2nd, need new queen mattress for two side to back to side sleepers with snoring issues.
what will help with the snoring? also we are heavy, over 220 lb each and wife gets lower back pain, and I get top of shoulders pain and sometimes lower back pain. what mattresses are known for helping and can be purchased at a good price??
went to sleepys and managed to get away without buying
if this is in wrong forum, please move it. Much thanks.

Hi Ken S,

You had the right forum … but I switched it to your own thread :slight_smile:

The best suggestions I can give you is not so much which specific mattress to buy out of the thousands of different designs and different material combinations that are available but to help you with the steps that can help you match all your individual needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) and in terms of quality and value as well.

The first step is always to read (or scan) post #1 here and the information it links to. This is the most important post on the forum for anyone who is starting in their search for a new mattress and will give you the basic information you need to help you know what to avoid, what to focus on, and give you the steps that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

It will also help you identify the retailers and manufacturers in your area or online (if you choose to go in this direction) that have the experience and knowledge to help you make the best possible choices.

When you have read this … if you let me know the city or zip where you live i’d be happy to let you know about the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in your area.

Congratulations on “escaping” Sleepy’s without opening your wallet. That’s the first step in the right direction :slight_smile: