Forum tip

It appears as though the forum is set to log you out relatively quickly as it logged me out while drafting my last post. Then you go to submit and it’s gone. No back paging etc it’s gone. Been there, done that, I learned that I like to copy the post to clipboard and save just in case. Sure enough it did it to me again, but this time I had it saved and resubmitted with success.

If you check Remember Me, it should never timeout.


It has been over an hour since I started this reply.

Hi TD-Max,

I’ve learned the same “lesson” many times … and even so … I wouldn’t want to count the times I haven’t highlighted and copied a long and complex post before I clicked “submit” and lost several hours of work (on this forum as well as others).

There are actually 2 “sessions” that are part of the site … one is for Joomla itself (which is the CMS software that runs the site) and the other is for Kunena (which is the forum software I use).

The session lifetimes also affect other functions on the site and has security implications so it’s recommended that they are not set too high before inactivity logs out a user but I’ve changed them to 60 minutes (from 30) to see how it affects things.

It shouldn’t log anyone out if a posting window is open (which is considered active) but sometimes it does if there is an interruption in the online connection. I’ve had a window open for several hours without being logged out which sometimes leads to me being complacent and not realizing there was an interruption in the connection which led to me being logged out before I click.

Thanks for the suggestion.