Forum Upgrades and Posting Issues

Hello all,

I am continuing to work through a combination of forum upgrade issues in combination with some hosting issues connected to CPU usage which have resulted in multiple restores from a backup taken last night and lots of issues connected with a new version of the forum software (which is apparently very different from the old). Many of you may have also noticed that it has been on and offline multiple times.

I posted this earlier as well but with each restore the post is deleted. Hopefully the remaining issues can be worked through by tonight and then I can open up the forum for new posts once again.

I apologize for the inconvenience (the webmaster part of my job is certainly not my favorite) and I will post here as soon as things are back to normal. I thought it would be better to have the forum online but locked so that people could still use it for their research rather than take it offline completely.

Thanks for your understanding.


It looks like everything is working well for now so I’ve switched the forum back on. Hopefully everything is functioning the way its supposed to :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your patience!


Thanks for the hard work!

The forum is working well and responding quickly. Thanks for the tune-up!

Hi JohnnyO and Jeremy L,

Thanks for the encouragement. It was about 48 hours in total without sleep to get there because of some unexpected technicalities involved :blink:

There are other upgrades and additions that will be coming (software as well as other features) over the next weeks and months but they (hopefully) won’t involve the same down time. It’s tough working with technical issues that can be very detailed and frustrating when you’re also racing against a clock.

I know that a few posts and messages “snuck in” to the forum in the few times it was open and functional for me to test which were deleted in restoring backups so hopefully anyone that was caught in this will be able to repost them (with my apologies for anyone whose posts or messages were deleted).