Foundation for latex mattress?

I ordered a king latex mattress from AZ Premium Mattress and hopefully, it will be here next week.

I have a platform bed so, I did not order a box spring/foundation to go with it.

I figured I’d just use slats and bought the high end ones from Ikea (the are curved up so that there is “give” in the slats as opposed to just a solid platform. But, in researching, I’m finding that the choice of foundation can play a role in the warranty of the mattress so, I called AZ Premium and was told I could use anything and there wouldn’t be warranty issues but that a solid surface is preferable. So, they are recommending that the mattress lay directly on a bunky board type surface.

However, also in my research, I’m finding that the mattress needs to breathe so, laying it directly on a bunky board isn’t advised. AZ Premium Mattress says the mattress doesn’t need to breathe. But, in researching these boards, it seems as though most recommend that the mattress needs to breathe.

So, I’m confused. I have a week to figure out the foundation for the bed. Do I get a bunky board (or actually have my dad make me one :wink: ) and then put the slats on top of the bunky board? Or do I put the mattress directly down on the board as AZ Premium Mattress is recommending? I’m in Mesa, AZ if it matters - it’s a very dry climate so moisture isn’t an issue.

Hi wildflower,

This is one of those issues where you aren’t going to find consensus among manufacturers and for those who are used to finding one single “right answer” this can be frustrating because there isn’t one in my experience. You can read more of my own thoughts in post #10 here. In a dry climate mold and mildew would certainly be a much lower risk.

The issue of a solid non flexing surface and flexible slats is the same. Conventional wisdom says that a solid non flexing slatted surface is “best” but there are also manufacturers who are adamant that a flexible slat system or a box spring are the best and their customers seem to do well with them for the most part.

Since you already have the flexible slats … I would start with them and let your own personal experience on the combination in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) be your guide as to what is best for you. It won’t harm the mattress so it’s really a matter of how well it works for you.