Foundation for the Ultimate Dreams mattress?

We have ordered the Ultimate Dreams mattress from Brooklyn Bedding and need to get a foundation for it. Would the foundation from Denver Mattress work for the Ultimate Dreams mattress or should we get something different?


Hi LikeToHike,

If you mean this one … then yes it would be fine. Generally foam mattresses or all latex mattresses do best with a rigid non flex slatted or steel grid foundation (like the Denver Mattress one).

Post #2 here talks about foundations vs box springs and how they suit different mattresses.

Post #4 here (near the bottom) has some examples of different more inexpensive foundations that would make good choices and there are more links in post #13 here (also near the bottom) and post #47 here talks about many other types as well.

That’s probably more about foundations than you wanted to know :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Just wanted to make sure we are getting the right one for our new mattress, which came today by the way. Off to Furniture Row, can’t wait to sleep on our new bed :slight_smile: