Foundation Question for All Latex Mattress

OK, I’m very close to knowing exactly what I’m buying for me and my daughter’s room.

For me, I am leaning heavily towards the 10" all latex mattress from Brooklyn Bedding.

I like the idea of a foundation with wooden slats. My frame had 3 boards that run across the bottom of the bed and my current innerspring and box springs sit on it. If I get the all latex mattress and a foundation with wooden slats, would it be safe to have it all sitting on these boards? Not sure how to handle it?


Hi coolmonk,

The foundation thread here will be helpful in terms of making sure your foundation is suitable for a latex mattress (with slats that are no more than 3" apart).

If your frame is strong enough to hold the foundation, your mattress, and you and everything is evenly supported with no shifting, give, or sagging underneath it then it should be fine but I can’t see the details of its construction or know whether it’s strong enough so for that you would need to use your best judgement (or perhaps provide a link to a similar setup so I could visualize it better).