Foundation Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress

Like many folks who have been on this forum, I finally made the jump and purchase the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - King Size Ultra Plush.

First off, the customer service was excellent as many have pointed out. The delivery was quick and I have to admit, it was really cool seeing the mattress “inflate” after opening. I personally noticed no discernable odor.

Now I am on the search for an appropriate box spring. I’d like to buy locally if possible and a possible option seems to be from BigLots.

This split king is one of their StabL Base® Foundations which from searching the forums, I believe Phoenix has okayed as a foundation. Before I make the final jump however was just hoping for some clarification or any additional suggestions locally for someone in New Hampshire!

Hi khou,

Yes the Stabl Base foundation will work fine for a latex/polyfoam hybrid. There are other options in the foundation thread here but as long as it a firm non flexing foundation (or very little flex) with even support then it will be fine.


Would this foundation supply enough airflow for the latex mattress? Would it sleep hotter?

Hi cubt82,

Yes … the Stable Base has lots of space in the wire grid for airflow as long as there is nothing over it that would impede it.

The ventilation of a foundation has little effect on the temperature of your mattress either way. The main reason for airflow in the foundation is to help the mattress to ventilate in between the foundation and the mattress so that the risk of mildew, mold, and dust mites is reduced.