Four Layer Mattress

I’m on the market for a four later mattress. I’m 5 10 180 lbs and wife is 5 3 110lbs.

Is a soft, medium, firm, firm layer at three inches each ok? Would getting a extra firm bottom layer be a better choice? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

i’m in the process of a mid-diy build myself, so my no means an expert

i’ll say this, at your weight, 4 layers is overkill. you’d likely need to be in the 250+ range before you needed that

3 layers is fine at 3" each

i’d rock a talalay over 2 layers of dunlop (although the price difference between the two has shrunk considerably with the latest supply chain constraints)

as for the arrangement, will come down to your sleeping position. softness of each layer will depend on your weight. i’m 210 and push right through a ‘soft’ layer. so to me, a 28ILD talalay feels soft and supportive

being 180, i’d say your a bit on the cusp, you could probably get away with a 20-24 ‘soft’ layer, but i wouldnt dabble in the <20ILD for your top most

as for the extra firm layer as a base, i’m not sure it’s entirely needed, however i’m in the middle of figuring that out as we speak

good luck

Hi cdnpatriot.

Without repeating too much of datrumole’s reply…

I agree that 4 layers is a lot with people in your weight and height ranges. Is there a particular reason you’re considering 4 layers as opposed to 2/3?

Again, 3 x 3" is a pretty common choice with a DIY.

Can I ask what kind of frame you plan to put your mattress on?


We want a four layer mattress because the bed frame is low and uses slats. We can’t get a king sized foundation as it won’t fit up our stair case.

I’m specifically interested in what the fourth layer ild wise should be. I don’t want the top three layers compressing the bottom layer where it lowers the entire bed.

Also should mention our young family of three kids likes to all sleep together in the morning before starting the day so add about 150 lbs to the total weight.

I have a four, 3" layer mattress: Soft, Medium, Medium, Ultra Firm. This has become just a little too soft for me at 5’'8" and 230lbs. I am thinking about swapping out the soft layer for an either firm or ultra firm layer.

I am much larger than you so take that into consideration.

Hi cdnpatriot.

Thanks for the additional insight. If I’m understanding correctly, you’re just wanting to add some extra height with the fourth layer?

In that case, a firm or extra firm layer should be fine. You’ll probably find this Phoenix post about firm vs extra firm latex in a DIY build.

If anymore questions arise, please let us know!