From an appreciative informed consumer

I want to say thank you to Ken for answering all my questions over the phone yesterday and helping my husband and I finalize our mattress specifications. His friendliness and willingness to offer so much of his time to explain our options solidified our decision to purchase from Arizona Premium. We’ve spent months learning about mattress designs and visiting furniture stores, and Ken’s helpful online videos and articles as well as this site and a few others have given us the confidence to purchase a latex hybrid online. We are looking forward to ending a few years of misery from sleeping on a Serta that failed way too soon due to comfort layers compressing and causing nightly shoulder and hip pain. The ability to customize our mattress with dual sides as Ken suggested and adjust the thickness/firmness of the layers to our preferences were the final selling points on deciding to buy from Arizona Premium.

Thanks so much to The Mattress Underground for maintaining a very helpful website and pointing consumers to manufacturers who still believe in making quality American products that are built to last. God bless you!

Your appreciation is taken to heart and thank you for sharing. Looking forward to solving your sleeping issues.