From Ikea, to analyzing Bob's - looking for new mattress in Chicago Area

Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum. I’m a huge car enthusiast and whenever it comes to making a big purchase for my car whether it’s a supercharger or supporting modification (suspension, wheels, etc) I always do A LOT of research. The reason why I stated this there were always forums to help me my way on which parts to buy, where to go… etc

Now with a mattress, I’ve been online for a week and couldn’t find any valuable information. Then it hit me. I wondered if there was a mattress forum with all the same golden information like the other forums I’ve been on. And now, here we are!!! Let me tell you, I am SO glad I found this forum the amounts of information in here is insane!!! Also, Phoenix, you are incredible, so much thought goes into every post I cannot thank you enough.

I guess the reason why I’m posting this I’m struggling on finding a mattress I’m going to like. I’m afraid I’m going to get another mattress that will eventually degrade and dip in the middle. So I’m just hoping for some brainstorming.

I’m looking for a full size mattress, I saw the price guide and anything below $400 was low quality. However, I noticed that those were pricing for queen size. I’m hoping I can get a decent/good full size mattress for around 250-300. I’m about 125-130 pounds and 5 foot 4. I’m pretty athletic. I skateboard from time to time, and work on my car on the weekends. The mattress I have now is dipping (explained later). I am now ending up sleeping on the very edge of my bed to stay supported. I mostly sleep on my side/stomach. Now that I’m getting “older” (23) I really realize what my parents told me “oh you’ll start to feel every pain when you get older” and I’m finally starting to feel that…

The full size mattress I have right now is from IKEA. More specifically the Sultan Hallen. I searched the forums and I found out that this is a pocket spring mattress, with a layer of polyfoam I believe. I’ve read through this article here: on post number 5. I will be honest, I absolutely loved this mattress when I first got it, it was amazing and I slept like a baby. Now a year and half to 2 years later I can’t even lay on my back. It feels like my lower back is on fire. If I do lay on my back, I can feel as almost where my rear, is it sinks in far too much and my body forms a “V” (exaggerated to see my point) My rear being the most sunken part of my body or the “point” of the V. I hope that makes sense…

So with a few recommendations, I went to check out Bob’s furniture. I was looking at first the Carress Full Mattress for 299. It has a few layers of foam and an innerspring support. Here are some of the specs:

1" comfort foam
1 and 1/2" Layer Plush foam
Lumbar Layer Bobopedic Memory Foam
1" fiber support layer
490 coil 13 and 3/4 gauge spring

With those specs stated, I also read here that it’s not all about the counting of the springs and specing out the coil thickness. Something else came out is that it didn’t state what type of spring it uses. Detailed pictures here:
ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint:

I said what the hell, I’ll go to the store and I’ll try it. I went there, ended up not liking it… However, I stumbled accross another mattress that felt similar to my mattress I have now. Here we have the ZZZoom… this is listed at 349.

1.5" layer of latex
1.5" layer of Bob-O-Pedic Gel Memory Foam
1.5" layer of plush support foam
6" layer of firm base foam

The only problem that I have with this it doesn’t state any where the foam density. Also, I am extremely weary about Bob’s due to Phoenix’s loop around experience about calling headquarters only to get back to stores that didn’t know anything. Plus the mattress I have now have pocket springs. I’m concerned that this is just that cheap chinese foam that has filler in it that will only degrade over time and then eventually end up like my IKEA mattress now.

So I guess the question I have is where in the chicagland area (Phoenix, or anyone else on here) that can chime in, have good mattresses for a full? I’ve seen the membership list and there are 4 in Illinois, but are quite far. Does anybody have any experience with those stores? I’m guessing that it’s nothing but great since they are on that list. I just don’t want to make a drive out to lagrange to only find a mattress that’s 700+ dollars and something that I cannot afford at this point.

My Green Mattress
Quality Sleep Shop
Sleep On Latex
Sterling Mattress Factory

I appreciate anyone’s help in advanced!!! Thank you!


Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you found us, and thank you for the kind words. And thank you also for taking the time to follow the steps in the Mattress Shopping Tutorial as you go through your decision making process. B)

You’ve already read about the Ikea and Bob’s mattresses, so you already have a “leg up” on what to look for and questions to ask. At the point of being redundant, I would avoid any product that contains lower-quality materials or when you can’t confirm the type/quality of materials within a particular product.

You’ve also done your homework and found out about the retailers in the Chicago area. Based upon your post, you may wish to phone some of these stores beforehand, as they are a bit of a distance form your home, and tell them what you’re looking to purchase to see if they have anything in your quality/budget range.

In case there are no better quality and/or value choices available … then I would look online and use the experience and expertise of the members listed in post #21 here who are all very experienced and knowledgeable and specialize in providing the type of help and guidance on the phone that can help you make good choices. There are a wide range of latex and memory foam and other options included in the choices there and I believe that all of them compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, and transparency. Their detailed knowledge of their mattresses and how they fit with different body types and sleeping positions along with your feedback from local testing, a customer base of many people that they can use as reference points, and any exchange, return, or any options they have available to customize a mattress after a purchase can help lower the risk of an online purchase. These online retailers or manufacturers can also be a good “value reference” for local purchases to make sure that if you are paying a “premium” for a local purchase (in exchange for the kind of “in person” guidance, service, and value that comes with dealing with a local retailer that can help you make more “accurate” choices that you have tested in person) is not too high. Post #2 here and this topic have more about the pros and cons of a local vs an online purchase.

In addition to the online members of the site listed in the previous membership link … post #12 here has some of the better online memory foam options for those who are looking for a memory foam mattress.

As you stated that you wanted to stick to a more basic budget range, then post #4 here and the posts it links to also include many of the better lower budget online options I’m aware of as well.

I hope that information is helpful to you. I look forward to learning if you find something that works for your personal preferences and your budget range.


Phoenix, thanks for taking the time to reply. Ever since I’ve found this site, I’ve been just googling any keywords with the websites address in the search bar to filter results. Some of the posts you have posted I’ve been through; however, there are a few that haven’t been pulled up. So I will go through those next. So I appreciate that!

With the weekend coming up, I think it’s safe to say that Quality Sleep Shop seems to be a great place to go and I keep seeing Tim’s name pop frequently whenever I search Chicago and this website in Google. I’m excited to check this place out, especially after going to Bob’s and reading your runaround with them. I can’t believe they had no clue.

I will have to check those websites out too, even though I prefer to feel/test out the mattresses first. If it fits my price then I’ll be happy with that. I’m sure at this point, almost anything is better than my ikea mattress now.

Just out of curiosity, is there anything that I should be concerned about using this?

I’ve been using cheaper slats, I believe the cheaper option from IKEA, and I figured I would upgrade this as well… correct me if I’m wrong? Thanks!


I’m glad you’re using the search online. Also, be sure to use the “Search Forum” feature built into the website.

As you’re aware, Quality Sleep Shop is a member of this site which means that I think very highly of them and that I believe that they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency.

[quote]Just out of curiosity, is there anything that I should be concerned about using this?

The concern I have with many bowed slat systems, and this one in particular, is their durability and penchant for flattening/sagging over time. Additionally, many manufacturers will not recommend bowed slats, but instead advise to use flat firm slat networks that don’t flex at all. You’ll of course want to confirm that with any mattress company you’re considering, but in my opinion you can find better options that are flat and stronger than this particular item.

Keep me updated on your progress this weekend.


The layers in that zzzoom mattress sure look a lot like those in the casper mattress…

Phoenix, thanks for your reply. I took a look at the links for online retailers. I really liked addable. At 399 and having very good foam material I think I’m pretty much sold and is even saving me a trip from trekking out to LaGrange. I did a few more searches using the forum search this time and answered my own question . I was concerned that the memory foam in addables mattress would be too soft and I would sink in and down too much. But again, after searching with the forum search I found your replies stating a mattress like this will have a medium firm ILD since it is supposed to be for many people. Even using their survey, I adjusted the input variables a few times to purposefully make it state it wouldn’t work for me so that way I knew what I was getting into. After realizing what isn’t fit for addable I came to the conclusion that it will definitely fulfill my needs. I’m excited about the quality foam and at the price point. I should be ordering shortly. Ironically, it’s 1am in Chicago and I can’t sleep since my mattress is pretty toast so I figured I’d hop on here.

Now regarding the slats, would you be so kind and point me into the right direction? I really appreciate all your help so far I would probably be ending up with a bobopedic or another poor Ikea bed if it wasn’t for you and this website…

That’s interesting maybe Bob’s is trying to rip them off? Lol


I’m glad you were able to go through the information I provided and make a decision. I’ll be interested to learn about your feedback once you’ve had a chance to sleep on your product for a while. As you know, Addable Mattress is a member of this site, so I think highly of them and it seems that you’ve certainly make a good choice for your budget/PPP.

I’m not exactly clear about your question about the slats. Do you have an existing platform base and you need to replace those slats? You said you had been using cheaper slats, but I don’t have a clear idea as to their application in your home. If you provide me a bit more “color” on that, I’ll do my best to offer some suggestions.


Hi mr-ben,

Yes, many large department stores, online companies and even major brands will attempt to approximate the look/specs/feel of some of the more popular items available. Sometimes they do a pretty good job, other times they’re just copying a look. Sometimes they even copy the name (I saw a “Jasper” that was marketing against the brand you mentioned). The sad thing is, quite often these companies aren’t copying a product that uses the highest-quality materials, and they’re copying the item simply because of the popularity at the time. That’s why I advocate that members here focus so much on the specifications of a product in order to make an informed decision.

It’s a funny industry, isn’t it?


Phoenix, right now I currently have these set of bed slats:

And here’s the bed frame I’m using now, but the “low” version in full:

Yes, I have an existing platform base and I’m using the slats in the 1st link above. I think these are pretty basic and among the cheapest since I got them from IKEA. The other link I posted above (from the previous post for slats) you advised me that there would probably be something better in the market since a bowed slat would eventually flatten over time. Hopefully that makes more sense! If not I’ll be happy to try to clear it up more.

So after searching I found this link that I’m about to read through which looks very informative as always:

and then I found this link with a similar situation that I have:

A user has the same bed frame as I do. And your main concern with this bed frame that it doesn’t have any support underneath the steel support beam. I may have to whip something up and maybe make 3-5 smaller posts to help the steel beam…

With that being said, I also emailed addable to see what their suggestions are for slats…


Thank you for those links. I am clear now as to what you have for your current componentry.

I would check to make sure that your metal head-to-toe beam is sound and not sagging. Because of its pressed shape, it tends to not deflect and would generally work well in most applications. I hesitate to suggest removing this beam, as it is part of the structural integrity of the overall bed set. If it’s not fine, then you certainly can add support legs down to the floor.

Personally, I would go to a local lumberyard and get enough 1" x 4" poplar slats to make a new deck, keeping spacing at 3" or less. I would cut the slats to span the entire side to side – not in two sets that meet in the middle. If you’re able, I would attach the slats to the side rails and the center rails by drilling a hole through the slats and the steel rails and securing with a stove bolt or the like.


Just wanted to do an update…

So surprisingly Addable got back to me today even though it’s Sunday earlier in the day. I was shocked since I was expecting a reply until Monday. Pretty sweet! Anyways, I had asked what type of slats do they prefer/foundation they recommend to get the best performance out of the mattress that I ordered. In addition, I was wondering what ILD their foam was rated since I didn’t see it anywhere listed on the website. I’ll list the information here so that way in case any one is wondering they can reference this thread.

ILD information:

Top Layer: Gel Infused Memory Foam
Height: 2"
Density: 4 lb.
ILD: 12

Middle Layer: HD Polyurethane Foam
Height: 2"
Density: 1.8 lb.
ILD: 20

Bottom Layer: HR Polyurethane Foam
Height: 6"
Density: 2.0 lb.
ILD: 36

Mattress Cover 66% Polyester, 30% Viscose, 4% Poly/Lycra

Seems to me that the top two layers are on the softer side. Hopefully, it won’t be too soft when I receive it. I mean I did the matchmaking survey that I have on their website, and I always passed it even with putting 4 (5 is the most firm) for the soft vs. firm setting. So I should be ok with it. Now in terms of the slats, this is the info that they provided me:

“As for support, the sturdy the base the better the mattress will perform. We recommend a solid wood slats at least 3/4” thick and 2" wide and spaced no more than 3" apart. Going to below the specs will lead to softer/musher feeling mattress."

Phoenix, it looks like they are suggesting exactly what you are mentioning. So it looks like I’ll be taking both of yours and their advice and build my own as it shouldn’t be too hard. Surprisingly enough they also mentioned a foundation that is highly recommended on this website would also be used which could be found here:
ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint:

However, this isn’t an option since I already have a bed frame and that foundation won’t work with what I currently have. So with that being said, I replied to them stating what they thought about the IKEA slats that are mentioned earlier in this thread just for the time being until I whip up some of my own custom slats.

Now time for some research for pillows…


Thank you for taking the time to post the information provided to you by Addable and also providing your feedback about their promptness of response. As you know, Addable Mattress is a member of this site, which means I think highly of them and their transparency. The mattress you described uses good quality materials and there are no “weak links” in this mattress, although I would be cautious for those above 200 pounds or so.

Their support guidelines dovetails with what we’ve been describing, so you’re on the right track in creating your own top-notch slat network! Ironwood Bedframes does make a strong KD foundation that would be appropriate for latex and foam mattresses. Jeff Scheuer from Mattress To Go has posted about them before on the site, as he inspected their product at market and reported back that the foundations he viewed were well-built and commensurate in quality with would be needed for an all-latex mattress. They are currently the company making matching foundation for Pure Talalay Bliss products.

For more information on pillows, you may wish to visit the pillow thread here.


Thanks for your reply Phoenix. Now the waiting game starts. I’m excited to try my new mattress out and I actually found that pillow thread before you posted it, but wow it’s amazing to see all that information in one place. According to one the links posted from that pillow thread I think there was link that did a test of 31 pillows and it came down to 3 different pillows. From there these pillows caught my eye:

But it also seems like there are a few people within that pillow thread where they were happy with 10 dollar pillows from target… hopefully I’ll be one of those people. It’s hard for me to spend almost 1/4 the cost of a mattress on a pillow!

In the mean time, I guess I’ll see how making these bed slats go… shouldn’t be too difficult since I work on cars and handy with tools…


[quote]I actually found that pillow thread before you posted it, but wow it’s amazing to see all that information in one place. According to one the links posted from that pillow thread I think there was link that did a test of 31 pillows and it came down to 3 different pillows. From there these pillows caught my eye:[/quote]

Those pillows, as you’re aware, are quite basic, and 26 oz. fill isn’t what I would personally term “firm” in a super-standard size. But you may enjoy them.

It’s the bed for your head, the cushion for your computer. B) People are always amazed at the amount of difference a good pillow makes. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend $200 for Hungarian goose down. You can get a good latex pillow in the $50-$60 range.

You should be able to make those in your sleep. :lol:


Back after a few days, I get my mattress tomorrow!!! Just something I notice from tracking from FedEx. It stated that the distribution was Spindle. After googling and searching on this forum, Spindle is also considered a member of this site. I went back to Addable’s website and it said they were created from their team. I also read through their website and found out that they have mattress testing (where you can lay on them and feel them) somewhere in Boston I believe. They also ship out of North Carolina for those of who are curious.


Congratulations on your new mattress! :cheer:

Yes, you are correct, Addable is a product form Spindle. You may have read this already, but for anyone else, from the simplified choice post #2 sticky in the forum:

Addable Mattress: is a new “simplified choice” mattress (launched in Feb/2016) from Spindle who are one of the members of the site. They use good quality materials with 2" of 4 lb gel memory foam on top of a 2" transition layer of 1.8 lb polyfoam on top of a highly resilient 2.0 lb base layer. The final design was based on the results of a focus group that tested many iterations of the mattress and there are no lower quality materials or weak links in the mattress although I would be cautious with higher weight ranges (more than the lower 200’s or so). They are also taking transparency and “truth in marketing” to a higher level with their matchmaker questionnaire which asks a series of questions to help their customers to assess whether the mattress may be a suitable choice (rather than saying that it will be suitable for everyone) and they have also listed all their material and manufacturing costs on their site and made their lower margins very obvious (which is one of the reasons for their low cost compared to most other simplified choice mattresses as well). The discount code for the 5% TMU discount for forum members is “UNDERGROUND”

I’ll be interested to learn about your new mattress once you’ve had a chance to try it out for a while.


So I got my mattress today installed with covers and everything (except for slats)…

This test was tested with the Addable Mattress with the cheap Luroy Bowed IKEA Slats. (will be making my own soon)

INITIAL 5-10 minute test: (remember 5’ 4" at 130 lbs)

When I unpacked it I crawled into bed with my knee and my hand as my first point of contact, immediately I was so worried because they sunk in quite a bit. I kept proceeding hoping that I didn’t make a mistake! This bed was a lot softer than what I was thinking… but…

I laid on my back on the left side, center, and right side. On the left side seems like my rear is sinking quite a lot. I shifted to the center, not as much, and finally to the right seemed the best. (my guess is that the slats are not supporting me. will be making new ones hopefully tomorrow).

As soon as a laid on my side/stomach let me tell you… WOW it honestly felt as if I could fall asleep right then and there. I never really slept on my back anyways, but seriously. Addable does an incredible job!!! Now, Phoenix is right, I would definitely be weary if you are a little taller and bigger. In my own personal opinion I don’t think this mattress would be comfortable at 180+ lbs. I can let you decide for that, or I highly suggest using the match maker on the website. It may be it would work since some people like to sink in more than others, but I prefer a stiffer bed which is why I was worried at first. As soon as a laid on my side all my worries went away. I cannot say how happy I am to have made this purchase. My mom (as skeptical she is) was concerned that I was buying some junk online and it impressed her even so that’s an extra plus, even though I paid for it. One less person to worry about to put you down for buying something “cheap”.

Anyways, I’ll be back with updates hopefully when I make new slats, and then weeks to months to possibly be a year on out. Huge, huge, huge, thank you Phoenix for all this wonderful information on this forum. More people really need to know about this stuff. So thank you for all the time and effort into every post with very useful information you submit. Stay tuned, I’ll be back for some more reviews!!!


Thank you for the initial review of your mattress. I’ll look forward to your future updates after you’ve had the time to sleep on the product for a while and have made the new slats (they will make the mattress feel firmer and more consistent than it does now).

And thank you for the kind words!


So I am back! I realized I never left a review… The reason why I’m back is that I’m now looking for another mattress again. But first a few short words about Addable.

I think the Addable mattress was great bang for your buck. However, over time I felt like that it was a bit too soft for me. Not knocking the mattress at all. Since 2016 the few relationships I’ve had and GFs spend the night, they all absolutely loved it. So there’s some added feedback too. I’ve had this mattress since 2016 and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it, and it could probably keep going for a few more years.

Now that I’m looking again, I’ve noticed a few things about my preferences. I’ve realized I’m a hot sleeper. I’d like something to keep me cool. I’ve also realized that the Addable mattress was a bit too soft and I want something more stiff. I also am looking for a queen size bed to upgrade from my full size. Just as a reminder I’m 5’4 and about 125lbs. Lastly, I was looking at this link here: Compare Latex Mattresses - Sleep EZ

and I’m in between the Roma and the Hybrid. I’m open to other stores as well, I’m just not sure what else I should be looking at.