FRs in older mattresses


We are being given an older innerspring mattress to use until we find something that meets our needs.

Question: Do 10 year-old mattresses from major manufacturers (S-S-S) have MORE or LESS FRs than new
ones? I know that the laws changed in 2007, but I’m wondering about chemicals used earlier that may have since
been banned.

Thank you!

Hi buttercupbetty,

I don’t think it’s possible to make any kind of generalization because there was no more transparency then than there is now and it would depend on the specifics of each mattress (just like today).

Overall though … because there were some harmful chemicals in use 10 years ago (such as PBDE’s) that for the most part are restricted and no longer produced or used in foam in this country and because older foam would be oxidizing and breaking down into dust particles that would get into the air … my vote would go towards a 10 year old mattress being less “safe” than a newer one that didn’t use harmful chemicals as a fire retardant and where the foam itself was tested through a certification such as CertiPur (which also didn’t exist 10 years ago).