Frustrated shopper! Hoping for advice on mattress selection

Thanks, even though it was sight unseen, the research, much like what you learned in your research, enabled both of us to take that leap, with cautious confidence. And it worked!


Do you have Maverick contact info? I am near San Diego.


What are you asking, the question seems mis typed?

If you are asking about the store in San Diego, where i bought my mattress, it is yawnder.
Yawnder San Diego
6910 Miramar Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121

If you go there say hi to Ben!

Do you have Alex contact info?


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Thanks Maverick!!!

You are awesome!

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I know you like the Aireloom’s, but when you go there, try the Millbrook and his proprietary mattress, the yawnder. The Millbrook will seem a bit firm initially, but it will be reminiscent of your firmer Aireloom’s.

Another update:

Thanks to all thew advice i got here. I have continued to visit a few showrooms and just try a variety of mattresses and i’ve had a change of preference - i’m now fairly confident that an all-latex mattress is the way to go. my wife feel the same way - there is just something about it that we really like. When we first tried one it was from one of the major national brands and wasn’t that great, but having tried 2 different brands of 100% quality latex we’re 100% in.

The closest thing to perfection we found (based on trying it in the store) was the Posh & Lavish all latex mattress. There was the quite soft one, the ‘Refine’ which is about 6k. Then there was the ‘Restore’ which was firmer but also great for $4799. The Refine felt really great but i worried it might be too soft and in the morning i’d be less pleased. The Restore was less comfy but also might be the way to go.

Regardless i am wondering: is there a way to find out the exact type of latex and firmness that these mattresses have? Because at this point i could take that info and approximate the closest match in a SleepEZ organic - the 3 layer type, for $2200 and I’m liking that option. I like that they have a great rep for customer service, that you can replace layers if you need to dial it in during the first x days, and do the $99 return.

Almost there on the selection process. Can anyone advise about how to get the closest thing to the Posh and Lavish (halfway between Refine and Restore) in a SleepEZ Organic? I looked at the P&L website but they don’t list out the layers/latex types.


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This might help you.

I tried P and L mattresses. They are good. They have Talalay latex topper on top of Dunlop base layers. I loved the Talalay and did not like the Dunlop. Based on specs….this seems similar to Sleep EZ. But if you love P and L, go with that. You can never truly replicate the P and L with another brand. Paying an extra $2k for PL might be worth it. There is a big difference between “almost right” and “100% right”. Dont be cheap when it comes to your mattress because it is your health. An extra $2k wont matter in the long run. $400k for a Hastens Vividus would matter in the long run!!!

Then I tried King Koil Pure Bliss Brook (Firm). They also have Genesis (plush). 100% Talalay. The perfect mattress. I liked it way better than PL. I guess I like Talalay. Figure out if you like Talalay or Dunlop better. Based on specs….this is similar to Flobeds VZone. But VZone is better since you can customize layers and a zoned top layer. King Koil is a national brand. Find a store near you and try it.


Based on your comments……Id go with Refine over Restore. But go back and recheck.


Hello PaxAlot,

Thank you for your inquiry! While I may not be fully familiar with the Posh and Lavish model you mentioned, I’m confident that we can offer a configuration that will provide you with the contour, support, and spinal alignment your body requires. We base our recommendations primarily on your weight and primary sleeping positions.

With our decades of experience, we can recommend a layer configuration that will provide the long-term comfort you need. To do so, I just need to know your height, weight, and primary sleeping positions. I’ll await your response. Additionally, if it’s more convenient, feel free to call us directly at 480-966-8731.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,


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My order was placed late last night :slight_smile:

i did consult with someone via chat - 3 times, actually. in the end, my wife and i decided that we’re nearing analysis paralysis and we ordered the Sleep EZ Organic, in 3 split layers, in the exact configuration that was recommended by both the website tool and the person in the chat.

i figure, now that we’ve found that (1) we like latex and (2) we are OK buying online so long as there is a reasonable sleep guarantee and (3) a mattress that is sorta kinda similar to what we’re buying seemed great and (4) the mattress is adjustable. Further, I think the company’s interest in ours are aligned - they want to make money by avoiding returns and we want to get a comfortable mattress on the first try. So, the data they’ve collected and is used to drive their recommendations tool is probably worth abiding.

So, it seemed time to just go ahead and order.

I am really interested in experiencing the soft vs the medium Talalay on the top layer (split between the two. i like the fact that if we need to, we can swap out a layer at low cost and dial it in.

So, I’m excited and hopeful. I’m impressed that it’s going to get shipped out so quickly, too!

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Congratulations, hope it works for you and get the great nights sleep you are looking for.

Great company, your are in good hands.

Use it in good health!



It’s been something like 6 weeks. Here is our verdict:

  1. Dealing with the company has been very positive. SleepEZ is friendly and their website works well. Fast shipping and good packaging, Instructions and setup were easy, although 2 people recommended to put together that king bed properly.

  2. The general take on the bed is that it’s been great. It feels solid and luxurious. There is something about being on that big block of foam that just feels good. Definitely prefer it over springs.

  3. My wife immediately appreciated the lack of motion transfer. Perhaps there is more transfer than with a memory foam bed, but for the first time in 20 years we can get in and out of bed without disturbing the other.

  4. Edge support is fine. I can tell that it’s not quite is solid on the edge as it would be with a spring mattress or other setup. It’s just a continuous block of foam, so yea if you are on the very edge it’s softer, but honestly I don’t think about it and even if I’m sleeping near the edge I don’t notice anything. When I sit on the edge I sink in a little more than on our old bed, but no worries.

  1. Comfort: it’s fantastic. All I can report here is a lack of discomfort :slight_smile: It’s been terrific sleeping on this bed.

Now the minor negatives:

  1. I have shoulder pain that is exacerbated by side sleeping. I was hoping the bed would alleviate this, and it has a bit. I chatted with someone at Sleep EZ about getting a softer top layer, but he recommended that I wait longer before trying something new. I do think that I have physical issues with my shoulders and it’s not just the bed, so I’m not really sure about this. When I sleep on my wife’s softer side, it feels better but I was told that since I weight about 220 if I went to a a softer foam I’d wind up sinking through it over a period of time and wind up worse. So, my shoulders feel better, and I’m not sure that the bed could be dialed in more to help.

  2. My wife and I tried an Avacado all-foam mattress at a store and loved it. The cover on it was thin, like you were laying directly on the foam. The SleepEZ cover has a thick (1 inch) wool layer on the top, which is a much stiffer feeling than the Avacado mattress that we used for reference. I was surprised and disappointed by this, and it’s one reason i thought maybe my shoulder was hurting. I called to ask about it and was told that the cover will soften up considerably in 2 or 3 months. I think it’s softening actually, but sometimes I wonder if my shoulders would be more comfortable if I was right on the foam. I am waiting to see how this unfolds.


  1. Free pillows! You can’t complain about ‘free’ and the pillows are nice. Shredded foam inside, which is terrific. But, we ordered a king size bed so the pillows that shipped with them are huge! Long, like a body pillow. Hey, they are free so this isn’t a complaint - but we had to buy a couple of new zippered pillowcases to bring the down to normal size. If you order from Sleep EZ, and you get free pillows - be sure to check the size.

I do feel like the company will happily honor their return/replace agreement. The rep I spoke to encouraged me to stick with it a little longer before making a change, but I got the impression he was trying to get me settled into it rather than pushing back on a replacement. He made it clear that they would replace/change the bed if I wanted, he just didn’t think i would be happy with the result. I did appreciate that.

We are 100% keeping this bed. I am still toying with trying something to get a little more pressure relief in the shoulders.

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Congratulations on the bed. I know you are liking the free pillows, but do try another pillow for your shoulder. That may help.

One thing I like about the shredded foam pillows is that they’re adjustable. For sure, a thicker, higher pillow relieves shoulder pressure. Same goes for a pillow on one’s side that you can rest your other arm on - to reduce weight.

Beyond that, I can’t really find a way to reduce pressure any further or dial in the pillow. I am not really sure what I’m looking for in a pillow beyond my recent revelation that ‘big and thick’ is the way to go :slight_smile: How do I find the right pillow?? :slight_smile: