Full XL????

I was looking at OMF and was thinking about an adjustable bed. They said they only sell full beds for adjustables in full XL. I’ve never heard of that size. I can’t even find sheets in that size. Any thoughts?

i was considering Full XL for myself - there is some information about it if you google - but basically people use Queen sheets and tuck the extra bit in. if you can find anything in actuall Full XL size you still end up paing same price as Queen.

i ended up just going with Queen size - even though it is a really tight squeeze in my room. basically go Queen if you can find room for it.

Hi Chirurgeon,

I would say “ditto” to what g1981c mentioned although the size of a bed and mattress is really a personal preference that is up to each person to decide. There really isn’t a “best” or “worst” answer outside of preference and individual circumstances.

You can see a description of the various sizes here to help you decide which would be best for you based on the space you have available and on your sleeping circumstances and preferences.