Future natural mattress question?

Are they going to replace artificial mattress with natural mattress in the future?

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Everything in life seems to cycle itself and circle back around. Before there was artificial materials, there was all natural. Then the artificial materials were created, some for comfort others for price.
Women (and some men,Broadway Joe Namath) used to wear fur coats and genuine leather jackets. Then they move to faux furs, and pleather. People figured out the pleather was hot and sweaty, so they started to migrate back to leather.
I suppose folks will start to migrate more than they are currently, towards more natural fibers.
Hey, I am even back to a horsehair pillow these days.
So, I think that it is more likely that the quality brands will replace artificial mattresses with natural ones as they offer a lot better quality and breathable options.


Natural or man made……make sure your PPP is good.

I will take artificial with good PPP over natural with bad PPP.

Im not personally attached to “natural materials”, but some people are.


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