Gel DYI Manufacturer

Can you recommend some on-line DYI mattress manufacturers/dealers that can provide two gel foam comfort and two HD foam support layers similar to Rocky Mountain’s CoolComfort 10 in Twin XL on an adjustable base? Many thanks.

Hi Shadetree,

I’m not sure of any that provide layering that are that specific using those exact materials but the list of some of the better online memory foam manufacturers I’m aware of are in post #12 here and some of these (such as Rocky Mountain) may do custom layering and have options that aren’t listed on their site so they would be worth a call. If none of them provide exactly what you want or are looking for … then the list of some of the better DIY manufacturers and retailers that provide individual layers and materials where you could buy each layer you wanted separately are listed in post #4 here.

Some local manufacturers or even local foam shops may also be able to custom build a mattress to your specific specs as well.


Many thanks, Shadetree