General Database for Comparing Mattresses

Does anyone know if there exists an online database where people can look-up “all” details on any kind of mattress (which has been entered into the database)?

If there isn’t anything already, I’m picturing something where there’s a standardized set of specifications (coil count, wire gauge, turns per coil, posturization-type, foam layer 1 type, foam layer 1 thickness, foam layer 2 type, …). It might take time for a database like this to get populated and be generally useful, but it would be open for anyone to submit entries, and have some kind of peer-review system in place that minimizes potential dishonest misuse / misrepresentation of such a system by manufacturers / retailers. Think something along the lines of wikipedia for mattresses, but with a database of mattress properties. It should also be able to cross-reference all rebranded mattresses to a single entry. Anyway, I’m just “thinking out loud” here – what do others think about this?

Hi edgimar,

While the forum here has the specs of many mattresses (and this information keeps growing as the site grows as well) and other sites or even retail stores on the internet have some of this information as well … I’m not aware of a single database that has anything close to the information you are looking for.

One of the risks of this type of database would be that it wouldn’t provide any meaningful information about a mattress in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) which is the most important part of the “value” of a mattress purchase and could encourage too many consumers to choose a mattress based on specs which would be a big mistake but it could certainly be useful to check on the quality of the materials in a mattress if you have tested a mattress and you are confident that it’s a good match in terms of PPP.

The other challenge would be that it could take a great deal of time (probably months to years) to put that type of database together because it would be a huge project even for a large “team” of people in an industry this large and it would always be incomplete because so many manufacturers wouldn’t contribute to it anyway. Even if all the manufacturers did or there was some way to accurately put it together in the first place … by the time it was even close to complete many of the models would have changed and you would need to start all over again just to keep it up to date.

In general I believe that it’s a much more effective approach to look for manufacturers and retailers that are completely transparent about the mattresses they are selling so that you can always confirm that the information you find out about any mattress you are considering or purchasing is up to date and accurate.