General feeling of latex mattresses

Hi again,

So when I was trying out latex mattresses for the first time today, they seemed very comfortable and after lying there for 10 minutes, I felt like pressure was relieved well and my spine was aligned, etc. However, one thing that felt weird to me since I’m not used to latex, is that it felt like the latex would hold its position every so slightly, and that it would take a little bit more force to move out of my position that on a firm spring mattress. And this was on a 3" 31 ILD over 6" ~37ILD I believe. I definitely wouldn’t want foam for this reason since I hate feeling restricted. But I’m just wondering if anyone else felt this with latex or had similar concerns, and then grew used to it.


Hi samssf,

A firm innerspring would be firmer than 37 ILD latex and would be more resilient (would absorb less energy). The feeling you are experiencing would also be dependent on how your height and weight and body profile interacts with the mattress in combination with how far you sink into the mattress as well. Latex is the most resilient of foams but if you are looking for the firmness of a firm innerspring then it may be a good idea to try increasing the firmness of the support layers to get to a closer “match”. The thickness of the comfort layers could also be playing a role here (affecting how deeply you are sinking in to the top layers). Dunlop and Talalay will also feel different and Dunlop will be firmer feeling than Talalay in the same ILD.

Latex is an “instant reacting” foam (unlike memory foam) so this feeling is not the norm for most people (and some say that it “encourages” movement or “pushes back” too much) but there is no right or wrong in individual perceptions and preferences. You clearly prefer to sleep “on” the mattress rather than “in” the mattress so a little bit of experimenting with layers (firmness on the bottom and thickness and firmness on the top) may get you closer to your preferences. There are also many people who prefer latex over an innerspring (and there are also various option here in terms of different innersprings) and this can also make a great mattress for those who prefer it.

In terms of getting used to it … IMO that would depend on how strongly you feel about it and/or dislike it and whether a change in firmness or thickness makes a difference. It could be that what you are feeling is part of the “feeling of latex” for you. There is always an adjustment period when it comes to sleeping on a new mattress or a different material that is different from what you are used to but I would trust your instinct to tell you if it is something that you could get used to. Latex is a great material … but it’s not the only option in the different layers and being comfortable with all aspects of a mattress including your individual preferences is the most important part of all.


I sleep on a 6" latex (Dunlop) over a foam core. I am 240 lbs. I believe that for my size it is the best fit. Yes it is firm however it is not too firm. Before this mattress I slept on a firm Temperpedic which I loved and still own. It turns out that in retrospect the firmness of the latex is better. I will tell you that to me what is important is support and alignment.
All the other considerations such as “too hot, too much friction, shakes” do not matter. I am convinced that I am getting the perfect sleep. It is likely that if someone does not have alot of body weight such as I do that a firm latex would not be the right fit. In that case I would consider the talalay or a combination of talalay and dunlop. Try the latex. I don’t think that you will regret that decision.