Getting closer to pulling the trigger

I have frequented this site off and on for many years… Originally bought a bed that was too firm prior to finding this site. It’s finally time for something that doesn’t leave me so stiff.
I went to one of the trusted stores stores from this page and tried out all of their beds. I found one we both like, but was hoping the experts could provide some info of the quality of this bed. I thought I once found a page on here that listed Minimum coil counts and ideal foam density, but I am struggling to find that again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I’ve heard positive reports about Beloit Mattress and they are indeed a Trusted Member of this site. The model you linked to is certainly a quality build that should prove to be quite durable given its construction as a latex hybrid using a high quality spring system and Talalay latex. If you decide to proceed with a purchase don’t forget to use the “TMU” discount code to save 5%. Good luck and hope it works out well in meeting your needs.

  • Bill

Thank you for that.

I know I physically tested, but does the build of this mattress seem to align with a side sleeper who is a low BMI and athletic build? Currently my hips and back are so sore when first starting my day and I need something to resolve that.

I don’t have any personal experience with this model so can’t address your concern with any confidence. Hopefully someone else can…


The pocketed spring unit is good quality and should offer fine support. The latex will be a durable comfort material. The HSM / Spinks Posturfil HD Microcoil unit is a nice solution in this bed, as some people complain that the typical latex hybrid mattress (pocketed springs + 3" latex) allows for too much sink (especially if they’re 250+). Adding the microcoils is a nice solution that still helps to maintain the point elasticity of the latex, but provides a bit more supportive comfort, and they are a good quality product… There’s also a small mid-third cotton pad for a little extra firmness in that area. I personally wouldn’t have a concern with the quality of the componentry.

That’s a pretty broad question, but the materials used in this mattress should provide more than enough support for someone who is slighter of build. The key would be if the comfort contoured to your preference when on your side (if that’s the way you sleep) and if you’re wider through the shoulders. This mattress should have something along the lines of a “supportive plush comfort”. You own personal testing would be a great guide.

Wow I am grateful for the response.

I am wide for my size at the shoulders and do sleep on my side. With my current bed I wake up so stiff in my lower back I can’t take it anymore and is what started my search for something soft, but supportive.

Try Aireloom M1 firm, M1 Plush, M2 Firm, and M2 Plush. Im thinking M2 Firm would be great for you.


What exactly is that? Is that a line offered by Beloit mattress?

Not from Beloit

Aireloom is common brand. They do tag rebadging for different retailers and markets. Its not that hard to figure it out. 1 row of microcoils? M1 2 rows? M2