Getting the right pillow

I’m looking to change my old foam pillow. I often switch between sleeping on my back and on the side, and I noticed that MFC sells multiple types of pillows.

Any feedback or recommendation on the latex or memory foam pillows? Does the shredded latex pillow have a zipper so we can potentially remove or add latex to make it thinner or thicker?

Thank you.

edit: sorry I posted this in the MFC forum and i didn’t know it would show up on the main page. I am referring to these pillows: Memory Foam Pillows | MFC

Hi Hashimoto,

Over the years, we’ve discovered that pillows are very difficult to purchase online, because our personal preferences vary greatly from one sleeper to the next. Some like them firm, others soft, some like them cool and others thin. It’s very difficult to know which one is right for you unless you try them. We suggest you go to a local store and lay on a few to get an idea what is right for you.

You can remove some of the shredded latex inside the pillow to adjust the thickness, however since dunlop latex is dense, this pillow tends to sleep on the firm side.

I’m sorry I could not suggest anything for you, I think it’s important to try pillows in person if you really want to get the one that’s right for you.

All the best

Thanks for the reply Mario. They’re difficult to buy in-store when they’re grossly overpriced as well at places like dormez-vous or matelas bonheur.

It’s good to know that the dunlop latex is dense and the pillows you have tend to sleep on the firm side. I’m 6’2, weigh ~200lbs, and sleep on the side or back, so pillows on the firmer side are probably best. I’ll take your advice and go check out some instore to see what might work well.


HI Hashimoto,

If you enjoy a firm pillow, the standard shape organic dunlop pillow is the firmest pillow we carry. It’s made only of pure organic rubber, is about 4" thick, and is covered with a 3oz organic cotton sleeve. Try to see if you can try a 4-5" thick pillow in store and then you’ll have a better idea if that one would be right for you.

Good luck with your search and please keep us posted on what you find,

All the best