Ghost Bed reviews

Hello! First time poster here. We are researching mattresses after a 16 year run with our gently used European sleepworks and a subsequent 5 years of painful mattress drama trying to replace it. We cant afford a brand new Euro sleepworks. We live in a rural area so online is the best option. We also need it financed. My hubby discovered this site so weve been perusing. Of the manufacturers who are members, the Ghost Bed 3d Max really ticks the boxes of what we are looking for. I was very excited and the subsequently bummed upon seeing their BBB reviews and the related discussion threads on this forum. Can anyone shed light on their experience with Ghost bed (mattress and service wise)? Wondering if i should take the plunge.

Hi Sleepywithlabs and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your ESW mattress is in need of replacing. As far as Trusted MemberGhostBed, over the years they have been with the Mattress Underground, there have been a very few customer complaints/issues where we have stepped in to help resolve, and with the exception of issues that are clearly precluded by their warranties, these have been resolved to the consumers satisfaction.

Also, the BBB may or may not be as unbiased, but keep in mind most reviews are made by consumers unsatisfied with their purchase for one reason or another, and these tend to post on as many places as possible…in some cases this is caused by not fully reading the warranties and policies, and with larger companies like GhostBed, their higher volume of sales are understandably the cause of a higher amount of complaints. Their exchange and warranty terms are for comfort based complaints and defective products, and they do try to resolve them to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. It’s hard to know if online reviews of any sort are legitimate, as of course we see only one side in most cases, and often any positive resolution is not provided when it occurs.

Also, European Sleep Works prices with the TMU discount, may be closer to the price point you are considering, depending on what model, size, and options you are thinking of, so you might want to consider that as well. In either case, as Trusted Members of the site, you can rest assured in their commitment to quality, transparency in materials and construction, great customer interaction and generous return/exchange policies. I wish you success in whichever mattress you decide on, and many years of great comfortable sleep on it!

~ Basilio

Thank you so much for your reply! I appreciate you taking the time. I honestly decided that I can’t do another mattress purchase without having tried it out yet, so I just got the Beautyrest Harmony Lux on a great sale at a local mattress shop. It is going to be awesome for side sleeping and feels nice and cool to the touch.
I get it delivered this week and they will take away 2 old mattresses :slight_smile: Very excited!! They have a no questions asked return policy just in case.

Take a road trip to try some mattresses.


Hi Sleepywithlabs

Congratulations on your new mattress! I wish you many comfortable nights of sleep with your Beautyrest Harmony
Lux! Please feel free to drop back in and share your experiences once you’ve had some time with it!

~ Basilio

Thank you! I do hope it holds up for years to come!