Ghostbed Customer Service Issues?

I recently purchased a Ghostbed Natural after becoming interested in more natural beds and seeing that they were a mattress underground trusted member. Because of this I didn’t do any additional due diligence on the company like I normally would.

The first week of sleeps we’ve had on the mattress have been absolutely terrible and both my wife and I have been waking up with back pain and stiffness. I know it can take some time to get used to a foam mattress from a traditional innerspring but if things don’t get better I’m definitely planning on returning the mattress.

As I looked into this further I began to uncover all kinds of horror stories about this company from news articles, to BBB, to Consumer Affairs. My concern is that when if I decide to return the mattress I’m going to be given the run around. Does anyone have a positive return story to share about Ghostbed? I’m also curious if the trusted member rating factors in things like ease of return.

Another thing I just noticed with mattress is that it’s only measuring to 10" - 10.25" inches thick when I butt the tape measure to the bed frame slats. The mattress is supposed to measure to 12". I understand there can be some variation and the terms and conditions on Ghostbed’s website state there could be up to 1" in variation, however this is more than that.

Anyone have any idea why this would be and if it could potentially be causing the issues we’re experiencing?

Hi km204,

I wanted to chime in and let you know @Phoenix has contacted GhostBed by email to get answers to your concerns ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’, and they will likely be in touch with you after the holiday weekend, as well as respond to our email…sorry to hear you have had a less than ideal experience with them. A few things to consider:

  1. While there are legitimate reasons to return goods, consumers can sometimes take advantage of the generous return policy

  2. The sheer volume of sales GhostBed does, especially during the holidays can warrant their being more stringent in their processing of returns, which may cause a delay in communicating with you
    if you do need to process a return.

  3. The GhostBed Natural is extremely good quality, and as its’ made of durable latex, I would not be worried as unless there is something very wrong with the coil unit the mattress should expand to its’ initial condition, as there is no memory or gel foam, which can be damaged due to compression is some cases. Can you let us know if the mattress expended now that you have had for a couple of days…is the difference still 1.75 inches?

  4. As far as the BBB is concerned I would take things with a grain of salt; there were quite a few businesses complaining about BBB’s treatment for companies that are not BBB paying members. (One of which is of course GhostBed). You may want to have a look at this post from @Phoenix.

We will certainly update you after we have heard from GhostBed, please do let us know when you a hear back from them as well.

~ Basilio

Hi Basilio,

Appreciate the reply. I should clarify that my issue isn’t that I haven’t heard back from Ghostbed. I actually heard back from them after a couple of days and they provided me some insight on some of my concerns and asked some questions about my bed frame. I left things off with continuing to try the bed for another week and then get back in touch with them if I was still having issues. However, I did not note to them that the mattress was measuring thinner than advertised as I just discovered that yesterday.

I’d love for this mattress to work for us and want to make sure we’re giving it a fair shot but I also want to make sure that if it isn’t the mattress for us we’re indeed able to return it with “no hassle”.

Hi km204, thanks for the clarification. I too am surprised by the 1 3/4 inches difference with compression you still have. I Weill say that usually a compressed mattress will take up to 5 days to expand, so bear that in mind. It also can take some time to break in a mattress and become accustomed to it - which is why the 101 night sleep trial is in place - but there is a difference between acclimatization and just not feeling comfortable. We’ll see what GhostBed has to say about the compression and in the meantime, hopefully the mattress will finish expanding sand you can truly test if it’s ‘ still comfortable to you.


Hi km204,

Hi, this is Brian with GhostBed. The amazing team at MU shared with me your concerns and I wanted to step in to try to help address them.

But first I wanted to say thanks for your kind support to patronize our 5th generation family business. We do appreciate the business and our goal is to deliver a good night’s rest.

#1 Size of Mattress

I see customer service engaged with you already with this feedback.

I would just add that GhostBed does offer an industry leading warranty package

Your new GhostBed Natural mattress is covered by an industry-leading 20-year warranty. GhostBed, Inc. will repair or replace any GhostBed Natural mattress for the original owner should it be defective due to faulty workmanship or structural defects, at our option and subject to the limitations and conditions described in this warranty.


“Any visible and lasting indentation (body impressions) greater than one (1.0) inch not associated from a sag in the foundation, box spring or platform (mattress support).”

Please see the warranty details on the website because we do have a strong policy here.

#2 101 Nights

I appreciate that you are showing good intentions to work with our dedicated customer support team and to give the product the first 30 days to settle in.

The 101 night comfort trial is a way for our GhostBed customers to try out the mattress and see if it is comfortable for them. It allows customers to make sure that they are happy with their purchase and that the mattress is suitable for their needs before committing to keeping it. By offering this trial period, we hope to show customers that we care about their comfort satisfaction and want them to have a good night’s rest.

Overall, the GhostBed family is doing our best to make this a positive experience. All we ask in return is to give us a fair chance and avoid these natural high-quality materials in the GhostBed Natural find a new home or be recycled to not end up in a landfill should things not have worked out as we both would have hoped with in the 101-comfort trial period.

  1. Reviews

Treating customers like family is important to GhostBed.

We hope that your experience with customer service leaves you feeling like part of the GhostBed family.

Overall, we have over 50k 5-star reviews from our loyal customers that recommend it to others. So it’s best to compare what sites you’re looking at reviews. However, we do read all reviews and respond to do our best to make things work out as a positive experience. Communicating with GhostBed should be a welcoming atmosphere to hopefully have you return to do business with our 5th and hopefully future 6th generation of the family.

Again thank you for your business and your patience to give us this opportunity to service your sleep needs. I hope this response provides some re-assurance in the MU community that we are so grateful to be a part of.

I hope that you will continue to work with our dedicated US customer service sleep expert’s vs this public forum to address your concerns on a more personal level.

Brian @ GhostBed

Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for your detailed response. My wife and I are still working through getting used to the mattress and I certainly want to make sure we give it a fair chance.

If I have any further questions/concerns I’ll certainly address it with your customer service team directly. If I don’t feel as though I’m getting what I need from them I’m also happy to send you a direct message on here rather that posting on the public forum.

Hey km204,

Just a word of advice. I bought the exact same mattress and didn’t like it.

Be VERY careful with what you say if you decide the mattress doesn’t work for you. They have a lot of small print regarding returns. You can only return the bed for “comfort” issues.

Do not say ANYTHING other than the bed is uncomfortable or they will not let you return it.

I made the mistake of mentioning the smell it has and how noisy it is during sex and Ghostbed denied the return and stole my money basically.

So I recommend you take a peek through the fine print before you attempt to return if you go that route.

Good luck!

Hi raincityrob,

While we understand your frustration, it was explained to you several weeks ago that due to your choice in how you resolved your GB complaint, the matter is now solely in the hands of your financial institution.

This forum has many functions, but none of them are to repeatedly return to the forum to leave disparaging posts, and comments in others’ posts rehashing your feelings toward GhostBed. You have left multiple posts in the last 24 hours ‘bashing’ GhostBed and you need to please desist in future to avoid the necessity of restricting your account.

Our goal is to be as unbiased as possible and provide a forum for consumers to share their experiences with products, and seek answers to their questions. When there is a complaint with one of our members we try to help resolve it…once those efforts are stopped by a consumers’ actions, however , we consider the matter is closed. There is no valid reason to intercept and revive old posts (some of them over 2 years old) to vent your frustrations over against GhostBed.

We usually ban posters that come back with a vengeance to lash back but in his case we decided to only suspend your ability to post for a couple of weeks so that you have a chance to cool off.

Finally, one word of caution about storing the bed in the crawl space in humid or moldy conditions. You may be better off trying to sell the bed if someone wants to buy it after it has been opened and make a note that you are reacting strongly to the smell of latex or wool…you can post in the Buy & Sell topic in the forum, but we won’t take any responsibility for the condition of the bed or have anything to do with the sale of the bed. This is solely just lending a helpful hand to help offset such a costly situation. I have also sent you a PM, you should be able to respond to it if you want to take advantage of the buy/sell option before the 2 weeks suspension ends.

~ Basilio