Ghostbed Hybrid Mattress Specs


I noticed that Ghostbed is a trusted member of the site, so I was considering the Ghostbed Hybrid Mattress at Costco. I believe it’s different than the mattress they have on their website. I wanted to know if anyone here has the specs on the materials inside the mattress below:

It is called “GhostBed Hybrid 30.5 cm (12 in.) Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Reinforced Coils”. I’d like to know the density (in pounds per cubic foot) of the foams inside the mattress and the firmness ILD ratings.

If anyone can help provide that info, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi bdmma - and welcome back after 5 years!

Trusted Member of the site GhostBed has partnerships with some department stores and clubs like Costco, as you have seen. These exclusive models can be a little different than the models they offer on their own website, but the foam densities are roughly the same - depending on the type of foam, they are all in the 2 to 4 lbs/cuft range…for example their gel foams tend to be in the 3-4 lbs/cuft range, polyfoams are around 4 lbs/cuft, memory foams at 2 lbs/cuft, which puts them in the center of our recommended foam densities: We suggest any foam in a potential mattress has no more than an inch or so of lower grade foams (for memory foam no lower than 4 lbs/cuft for normal range weights, and 5lbs/cuft for higher range weights) and if polyfoam is used, with at least 1.8 lbs/cuft density, just to ensure you have support, so their foams are dense enough for most sleepers, unless they are higher BMI or have specific support needs.

You can of course check with the associates at Costco - they may or may not have specific info on the foams, as it’s considered a ‘proprietary’ model - but you should be confident in the durability of the foams. ILD is more commonly used when referring to latex rubber, so the lbs/cuft should be used to assess these foams. If you provide your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions) and your PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences), and what feel you are trying to achieve, we can possibly further assess the suitability and durability of the Costco GhostBed for you.

~ Basilio

Hi Basilio,

Thank you very much for the help! Much appreciated!

For the firmness ILD ratings, I was just curious to get a sense of how firm the mattress is. I know in the mattress I have now, the base is polyfoam-45 ILD, 3lbs, so the base is extra firm. The comfort layer in my mattress is 2.75 inches of 19 ILD polyfoam, 3lbs.

So was just curious the firmness of their foams and mattress. I know their mattress has a layer of 1 inch of microcoils, so just wondering how supportive the mattress is and how firm.

For their foams, just to confirm, the memory foam they use is 4lb? And their gel memory foams are around 3.5lbs? If so, you think I should be confident in getting a mattress that will be durable long-term?

I wouldn’t mind getting a mattress a little softer than I have (to give more pressure relief to my shoulders). as long as it’s supportive and doesn’t cause back pain (side sleeper).

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

You have to remember that focusing simply on the the density of the memory foam will not always yield the information you want. Most accept that the denser the foam, the more durable and longer lasting it will be.But in the case of viscoelastic memory foam, you can have a higher weight foam, say 4, 5 or 6lb and similar weight foams from two different manufactures, or even the same (although that would be more confusing) can produce different “feel” or softness’s of foam. Foam by mail for example has a 4lb foam that they advertise as very “plush” and soft, where tempurpedic and other brands have 4 and 5lb ve memory foam that is rather firm, like my tempurpedic contour neck pillow. Remember ve memory foam is tempurature sensitive so it will soften to you skin/body/room tempurature too. ILD in it’s relationship to support are not always reliable either as it depends on the type of foam. For example, if you have a 6" slap of latex of a certain ILD vs 3 2" slabs of the sameILD dunop latex , the supporting value will be different, even though they both equal 6". Perhaps you may want to have a topper that is segmented like trusted member (Custom Sleep Technology) of this site Custom Sleep Technology :: The Mattress Underground has to offer to use on top of your Ghostbed. Take a look and see how you can customize your bed. (Talalay Latex Mattresses). Perhaps GB offers something similar. But what you don’t want to do is place a layer of foam to satisfy your shoulder and then compromise your hips, lower back or middle back. I am quite sure if you asked the folks at GB (GhostBed :: The Mattress Underground) they could advise you better as to the feel of their specific memory foams being used in addition to just their density.It is probably more important to focus on the specific foam and it’s manufactures attributes, rather than just one rating that may not tell the entire story. Not to say that having the numbers are a bad thing, certainly it helps as a guideline of sorts as it is usually the only measurements that are taken or revealed. That is why I always suggest when narrowing down or choosing between a few mattresses, post them side by side on your computer screen and go layer by layer to achieve your desired results, as the mattress will only be as good as it’s weakest layer.