Ghostbed Luxe vs Loom and Leaf

During my mattress search I managed to narrow down the choices to these two mattresses. I’ve slept on the same tempurpedic mattress for 19 years and I found that these two mattresses are the closest foam density wise that is in my budget. I was just worried about the latex layer in the ghostbed which is something that I’m worried I will not like. Also, I’m not certain on the two firmness options of the loom and leaf because I think my tempurpedic is a little on the firmer side. For reference I am 5’9" and weigh 125 pounds also I am a side sleeper. I am also curious about the 5% discount for the ghostbed by mentioning that I am a member of this site, how exactly do I let them know during my order? Right now I am leaning towards the relaxed soft for the loom and leaf for my final purchase which I need to get done within this week because I am moving into an apartment on August 13th. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
EDIT: I ended up going with the ghostbed luxe because it was 300 dollars cheaper and had a free return policy. Hopefully it works out.

I don’t really know too much about those beds, I’m a latex expert so questions in that genre I can help you with.


Sorry we missed your post to reply when we had the chance.

So glad to hear that you selected GhostBed Lux to get some well needed rest.

Our customers do value the sleep trial and warranty.

It seems your reasons to select GhostBed Lux match the mission of the company to simply provide a better mattress at an affordable price.

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How did you end up liking the Ghostbed??