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I appreciate all of the information that has led me to ask a few questions about a new mattress. I am 5’10, 165lbs, my wife is 5’2", 115lbs. BMI 24 and 21, both side sleepers, both prefer a slightly firmer mattress. I looked at the trusted member websites and like the Ghostbed options. We prefer a cooler mattress, and think the latex hybrids would work for us. We have tried Nectar classic and premium at the store and did not care for the feel (too soft). Also, after reading about durability, it seems the latex with pocket coils might be what we want. We have narrowed our choices down to the Natural and the Flex due to materials and firmness. Do you have any thoughts about our choices, and do you think we are on the right path based on the information so far? Thanks in advance.

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Glad you have narrowed your choices down! As you know, any mattress is unique to those sleeping on it, based on their stats(height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health issues, and their PPP(posture and alignment, pressure relief and personal preferences). Thanks for including you and your wifes’ stats – you are both lower BMI, preferring a firmer feel for your mattress which should be good for the support you both need as side sleepers.

GhostBed Natural Hybrid LatexSince you prefer a cooler mattress, you may want to go with the (Note added later: Discontinued Mattess) if it feels comfortable for you both, over the Ghostbed Flex Hybrid, as the flex has Gel memory foam and transition foam, which while of good quality and density, may sleep a bit ‘hot’ compared to the Natural, as memory foam by nature conforms to the sleepers body, and therefore perspiration can ‘pool’ somewhat on the surface, raising the temperature, though this could be alleviated with a topper, or a cotton/wool breathable layer on top of the cover… or depending on the humidity where you live and room temperatures, could even be a ‘non-issue’ with the poly blend cover.

Either mattress will provide support and will be a durable, long lasting sleep solution, it really comes down to you and your wifes’ preferences. Like all the]Trusted Members of the site, GhostBed has good transparency on the materials and components they use, great customer service and a generous trial/return policy. I think you have a ‘good and better’ situation here, you should be set whichever you chose.

I wish you both many relaxing nights of sleep going forward!

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Thank you for responding. We have not tried any of the Ghostbeds, we just used the information on this site and thought it would be a good fit. We tried memory foam mattresses in the store and didn’t really like the feel. We think the Ghostbed natural would work based on us preferring a more firm, cooler mattress. If we could go see one in a store we would, but to my knowledge that is not possible. We’ll see how it works out. Thanks again.

Hi Dirtysock,
Sorry for the misunderstanding…not sure if any of these are local to you, but I know some Home Depot, Target, Macy’s, Costco and Sams’ Club locations carry GhostBed products, as well as some of the large Mattress stores, so you can possibly try them out in person. If not, they do have a good trial period to allow you some time to test out in home.

~ Basilio

Ghosted is the worst mattress company I’ve ever dealt with. Every interaction with delivery and customer support has been a disaster. Their warranty claim process is specifically designed for the customer to not be able to make a warranty claim. The mattress has sunken in significantly in only a few years, and now I have chronic back pain in places I didn’t beforehand.

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Phoenix has flagged your concerns and experience with GhostBed. They will be in touch with you soon.