Gluing Latex

What would be the best glue for latex together? Thanks

Hi dudley9007.

Any non toxic, non solvent, water based glue that remains flexible rather than hard or brittle after curing would do fine. They usually come in a spray can which is easier to apply. If you are gluing layers together then just a strip of glue on the edges and a few strips in the inside part of the layers is usually fine. You can also align the layers together and them fold back one half and glue it and then lay it down and fold back the other half. If you are gluing edges or rips or tears then you can cover them more completely and press them together for a few minutes.

One commercial example is Simalfa but there are many others that are more for home applications as well. Most foam or fabric stores will carry their own brand … and a local mattress manufacturer will also usually be willing to sell you some.

Hope this helps.