Goal: Motion isolation, would two twins together be better or worse?


As an aside, we are needing to buy a new mattress because our memory foam has sinking spots where we lay.

We are most concerned about motion isolation b/c I am a very light sleeper. I was wondering if buying two twin mattresses and putting them next to each other on a king platform bed would help, or make it worse? With small movements, I think it would help. But I wonder if larger movements would cause the two mattresses to bang together?

Anyone have experience with this?


Hi jtcarter,

This is a fairly typical symptom of low density memory foam or memory foam layers that are too thick.

This would provide very good motion isolation because the two mattresses would be separated and act independently. Of course if you “bang” one mattress into the other with a more “violent” movement such as jumping onto it then it could move the other one and you would feel it but you would feel this with any mattress.

The down side to this is that you would feel the gap in between the mattresses if you used the middle area. There are systems that you can use to pad the gap and join the mattresses together such as this bed doubler or a bed bridge such as this which would reduce the feel of the gap (and create a slight ridge in the middle) but then you would need to use a King Size sheet which may transfer a little bit of motion in some circumstances.