Going mattress testing today

I found out about Quality Sleep Shop in La Grange, IL from this site and we’re going to test out some mattresses. We’re specifically looking for latex and inner springs. Hopefully we can find something we love!

Hi Denise,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

As you’re aware, Quality Sleep Shop is a member here and I think highly of Tim. They do offer a few innerspring models with latex, such as the Emily, Emily PT, Everlast PT, and Katherine. You can also ask the if they’re able to “tweak” any of their beds if you have a specific need.

I’ll be interested in learning about your visit.


Hi Phoenix!
Thank you for your quick reply on Saturday. We did go to Quality Sleep Shop and Rob, the production manager was there to help us. He was very great. We bought the Emily Pillow Top and he added 1/2" extra foam because I like the mattress softer. We considered adding an extra mattress topper, but thought it would be uncomfortable for my husband who is a stomach sleeper. Two nights in, and I have slept fine, though I would like to sink in a bit more, but both nights my husband has said that he has had a terrible night’s sleep. He said he keeps waking up. Rob did warn us that it could take up to two weeks to get used to the new bed. Hopefully the mattress will settle a bit and my husband will get used to sleeping on a bed that is less than two decades old.

Hi Denise Fitzsimmons,

Congratulations on your new mattress! :lol: I’m glad Rob at Quality Sleep Shop was able to assist you and “tweak” your mattress a bit.

He is correct that it takes time for a mattress to “break in”, and it also takes time for you to become used to your new mattress. I term this a period of “retrogression”. Much like starting a new physical fitness program, you’ll go through an initial period of soreness and you’ll actually feel as if you’re moving backward, but then you’ll begin to make gains.

A range of three weeks to three months, which I know is quite a wide spread, is typically what is normal for this adjustment period, with most people adjusting within the shorter part of that timeframe. It’s also normal for a mattress to break in, with the most noticeable differences experienced within the first three months of use. On top of this, you’ll certainly have a bit of a “learned alignment”, especially with your husband sleeping upon his stomach on a 20 year old mattress, and it will take some time to get used to having a better alignment.

Hopefully you’ll slowly being to adjust, as it’s only been a few nights sleeping upon the product.