Going to buy an online latex mattress: Sleep EZ seems the one to go with?

Howdy everyone,

So after becoming obsessive about this for a while now and reading what seems like thousands of posts, I’m going to buy a new latex mattress online. From the research here it sure seems like the folks at Sleep EZ are the most recommended? Any other retailer I should check out also?



Hi mattc58,

SleepEz is certainly a great choice and as you probably know is one of the recommended members of this site. Post #21 here includes the others which specialize in online or “on the phone” sales and service.

While many of them are quite different in terms of their mattresses and the options they offer … they are all among the best in the country IMO in terms of their quality, value, service, and the knowledge and guidance they offer to their customers.


Howdy Phoenix,

Thanks for the reply. Spoke to Shawn today and he helped me. For my wife and I, each on the heavier side of folks who post here, he suggested the 10000 model with Talalay, with layers like:

Her Me

Soft Medium
Medium Firm
Firm Firm or XFirm

The wife has shoulder and back pain when she wakes, and he therefore liked Talalay better due to more support. Does that sound right? I had thought Dunlop was a bit more supportive.

Thanks, and thanks so much for a great site!


Hi mattc58,

There are really two types of support. The first is primary support which is the ability of a layer to “stop” the heavier parts of the body from sinking in too far. Because Dunlop has a higher compression modulus (gets firmer faster than Talalay) … it will be more supportive in this way in comparison with a similar ILD of Talalay.

Secondary support is the ability of a layer to fill in the gaps in a sleeping profile and support the natural curvature of the inward curves of the spine and also “allow” the wider lighter parts of the body to sink in more (providing better alignment). Talalay would be more supportive in this way than a similar ILD of Dunlop (bacause it will allow for a deeper cradle in a similar ILD).

Because of your wife’s shoulder pain … it seems to me that Shawn is probably recommending the Talalay because it will allow her to sink into the mattress more evenly.

Based on my experience … I tend to trust the recommendations of the manufacturers that are listed on the site. They really are the experts when it comes to the mattresses they make have a great deal of experience with the specific options they have available and have a large customer base that they can use as a reference to help “match” you to the best possible choice.

Their recommendations certainly make sense to me :slight_smile: