Good Innnerspring Mattress with Minimal Foam

Hi Jethrodesign,

While I can’t speak to how well any of these mattresses will work for you with any particular topper in terms of PPP … I can certainly make some comments about them in terms of the quality of their materials.

12.75 Guage pocked coil springs; foam encased; about 2" of poly foam on top
$699. 10-year warranty. Read they have pretty strict no-return policy
This mattress felt firm but there was definitely a bit of padding in the quilting.[/quote]

I would want to know the density of the 2" polyfoam layer and to make sure that the specs include all the layers in the mattress. I can’t make any comments here without knowing the density of the polyfoam.

[quote]Flexus - Posture Sense
15-15.5 Guage ‘tri-zone’ pocked coil springs; foam encased; about 1.5" ‘Certi-Pure’ 1.5lb poly foam; 1" Bamboo quilt
$475. 15-year warranty
Didn’t try this one, only called.[/quote]

This is a two sided mattress which would add to durability and there are no weak links in the design so it would certainly be a suitable option.

[quote]Stress-O-Pedic - Christalle X-Firm
14.5 Guage 621 Marshall coil springs; foam encased; 2" HD reflex foam (1.7lb / 55 ILD); Quilting: 7/8" 1.2lb 17 ILD + 1/2" Puralux Latex.
$750. 15-year non-prorated warranty
This was VERY firm and looked pretty well-made.[/quote]

I believe this is a one sided mattress but it also uses good quality materials and there are also no weak links in the design and would be suitable as well. I’m not surprised it felt very firm to you with a 55 ILD comfort layer.

[quote]Custom Comfort - Revive 100
Medium-firm springs (I believe they mostly do Bonnell or Continuous?!? Will do pocked coil as custom); Steel edge support; natural cotton padding + quilted plush top
$780 ($930 w/ pocked coils). 90-day comfort guarantee. 15-year warranty
Didn’t try this one. Store felt most high-end and salesperson very knowledgeable. Seems like they will stand behind their product well.[/quote]

This is also a two sided mattress which would add to durability. I would want to know the details of the “quilted plush top” but assuming that there isn’t too much lower quality material in the quilting then it would also be a durable design with no weak links in the design and would be suitable as well. A mattress with cotton padding is a little unusual in todays market and will tend to get a little firmer as the cotton compresses over time (see post #2 here).

[quote] - DIY Latex Core
6" Latexco Dunlop 15% Natural, 85% Syn, 100% Pure Latex Rubber core; 30 ILD (med) or 36 ILD (firm); bamboo/wool zippered cover
$770. Unsure of comfort guarantee or warranty on these.
Still wondering if this would be sufficient base instead of innerspring for support. I’ve tried a couple all latex beds and think I preferred feel of Dunlop (at least cores).[/quote]

This is also a good quality material although it would be a little less resilient than 100% natural Dunlop. Latex is certainly suitable for a support core in a mattress (and many people prefer it over innersprings) and can provide very good support and alignment but the choice between latex and an innerspring is really a personal preference because they feel and respond differently from each other (see post #2 here). It would also be suitable under a topper in the right firmness level but you would also need a mattress cover with this option (either for just the core or for both the core and your topper).

I think you’ve done well with your research and outside of the few I mentioned where you will need a little more information you have some good options that have no obvious weak links and would certainly be suitable for a base mattress under a topper. If motion transfer is an issue for you then I would also be aware that innersprings that are joined by helical coils will transfer more motion than pocket coils or latex. A box spring with springs can also transfer motion vs a solid non flexing platform or foundation.