Good mid priced foam mattress with edge support

Quite honestly, this site is great, but it is overwhelming. I was pretty close to purchasing a Sleep Innovations bed on Amazon, but just wanted to check out a local mattress store to make sure that my wife would like a foam bed. Once there, we were obviously sold hard on TempurPedic and Serta iComfort Savant. I have to say, I did like the feel of the Savant, although I totally understand the information in this site related to quality materials and expensive marketing. So, I then spent the better part of two days trying to find some sort of happy medium between the features I feel are important…only to come up with nothing that really fits well and a raging headache. My first desire is the edge support concept because I like the thought that you can use more of the queen sized bed and also not feel like you are going to slide off (I am 200 lbs.). Next, I need something for a side and sometimes stomach sleeper…which translates to not too firm, but also not something with a ton of memory foam. At this point…I’m just lost. I have looked at literally every site and can’t seem to find something that has all of the qualities of the iComfort Savant - although, I am not paying $1900 for that after reading this site. Is there any brand/style anyone can recommend?


Hi back357,

If you were in a store that was 'pushing" the iComfort line then I would say you were in the wrong store. They would likely be more concerned with selling you whatever they could sell you than they would with educating you about the different types of foams and mattresses and which may be better for you and why. while I never recommend any brands (because the materials in a mattress are more important than the label on it) … I do suggest visiting smaller local manufacturers that sell either factory direct or through better sleep shops. the quality and value is much better than mainstream outlets but more importantly they will tell you the “why” behind the “what”.

This is the reason for the guidelines here which focuses on materials and how to find better sources rather than brand based buying information which is among the worst ways to buy a mattress. If there is a single post on the site that I think everyone should read that’s probably the one.

Where you buy from (and avoiding major brands and mass market outlets) and the value of their mattresses along with their knowledge and service can be just as important as what you buy. Working with “expert” salespeople, manufacturers, and retailers can help you avoid having to become an “expert” yourself.

I think that I would avoid preconceptions which are mostly based on marketing or “averages” and focus on working with knowledgeable people who can help you make much better choices that are particular to your needs and preferences. For example … the firmness or softness of a suitable mattress depends on whether you are talking about comfort layers or support layers. All mattresses are both firm and soft (not one or the other) in different combinations and neither of these “ratings” takes into account the thickness of the comfort layers which can be just as important as their firmness. The softness and thickness of the upper comfort layers are for comfort pressure relief and the firmness of the deeper layers or components are mostly about support and alignment. You will need some degree of both not just one or the other. There is more information and some guidelines in the links to other information in the post i mentioned.including suggestions for body thpe, sleeping positions, and different types of mattress construction and layering.

I would completely avoid shopping by brand or brand recommendations and focus instead on the materials in your mattress. This and identifying the better local or online retailers or manufacturers will give you the best odds of success in finding a suitable mattress with great quality/durability and value.

If you let me know your city or zip I’d be happy to point you to any better options or possibilities I’m aware of.


I am in St. Louis. I have read the site and see folks reference Maplewood Custom Bedding. There is also an establishment called STLBeds that is Arnold which is in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Hi back357,

You’re the second forum member today asking about St Louis.

Some of the better possibilities in the area (including the two you mentioned) are in post #6 here.